Christian Ministries Major
BI 210Biblical Interpretation3
BI 275Teaching the Bible3
BI 304Old Testament Prophetic Books3
BI 306Old Testament Poetic Books3
BI 312Life of Christ3
BI 335Theology of the General Epistles3
BI 336Theology of the Pauline Epistles3
BRS 231Christian Doctrine3
BRS/HI 340XHistory of Christianity3
BUS 214Introduction to Managing Nonprofit Organizations3
BUS 371Board Governance and Volunteer Management in Nonprofit Organizations3
CM 181Spiritual Formation3
CM 210Ministry in its Cultural Context3
CM 211Theology and Practice of Pastoral Ministry3
CM 321Theology and Practice of Evangelism3
CM 446Reflective Internship in Christian Ministries3
CM 375XFoundations of Christian Counseling3
PSY 383Marital Counseling3
Total Hours54