Students must attend at least 80% of the regularly scheduled class hours in each course to receive credit for the course.  On rare occasions, students may arrange to make up classroom hours with permission of the instructor.  If a student is dropped from a course due to inadequate attendance, the student will be required to repeat the course when it is next offered to meet graduation requirements.  Students are required to come to class prepared to actively participate as each course may require.

Students should be aware that failure to meet the attendance standard can take place through tardiness as well as absence for an entire class.  Thus, for example, in a class which meets once each week, a student who has missed three entire classes and has been tardy for one class has failed to meet the attendance standard and will not receive credit for the course.

  • Absence: In accordance with CBE rules and statutory requirements, absence from classes is never excused; a student is either "present" or "absent."  A student who is not present for a significant period of time during a class session shall be deemed “absent” for that period of time.  The class instructor may round time absent to the nearest one-half of an academic hour. An academic hour is 50 minutes, and a half-hour is 25 minutes.  Thus, a student who misses 13 minutes of a class may be marked as absent for one-half hour.
  • Tardiness:  A student who is tardy by more than 12 minutes is considered to have missed one-half of an academic hour.  A student who is tardy for less than 12 minutes on two occasions is considered to have missed one-half of an academic hour.
  • Class Sign-In Sheets: Attendance in class is recorded in several ways, e.g., through an instructor's coded entries on a seating chart, by each student personally signing a sign-in sheet for that day's class, etc.  Where a class sign-in sheet is used, failure to sign the sheet may result in the student being marked absent; school records will not be changed to accommodate a student who attended a class but neglected to sign in. By signing such attendance sheets, students certify that they are present and did not affix the “signature” of any other student enrolled in that class, and that they complied with the attendance rules.  Any action inconsistent with such certification may subject the student to disciplinary action according to the Honor Code.

Late Arrivals and Early Departures from Class

Late arrivals and early departures from classes by students are deemed partial absences. Each instance of a late arrival to a class or an early departure from a class is subject to an absence recorded as not present to the next one-half of an academic hour.

Consequences of Excessive Absences

Violation of CBE Rules

Students must be in residence for a total of 1,200 hours. If excessive absences cause a student to fall short of this requirement, the student’s application to sit for the California Bar Examination may be denied by the CBE.

Violation of the Law School Attendance Policy

The law school’s attendance policy is that of the State Bar of California. Students must be in attendance for at least 80% of the course or they will be notified that they have been automatically withdrawn from the course. To receive credit for the course, the student must retake the course when it is next offered. Students who are absent for more than 20% of a course and are automatically withdrawn cannot be reinstated.


Each student must be prepared at each class meeting to brief assigned cases and to participate meaningfully in class discussions.

The class instructor has the authority to impose sanctions against any student who exhibits a pattern of lack of preparation in accordance with the policies set forth in the course syllabus. Students should be advised that repeated unpreparedness is a violation of the Honor Code. Students who are repeatedly unprepared may be referred to the Dean for disciplinary action which may include suspension or expulsion.