Juris Doctor Overview

In addition to admissions requirements, students must complete 90 units of study with an average of C (a GPA of 2.0). Students must attend at least 80 percent of the regularly scheduled class hours in each course to receive credit for that course.

Both the full and part-time degree plans must be completed in five years or less. The full-time program must include at least three consecutive academic terms within five years; the part-time program must include at least four consecutive academic terms within five years.

Any student with a disability requiring special arrangements will be accommodated upon petition, with supporting documentation and pending approval from the Dean. Special accommodations will be carefully tailored to meet the documented need in accordance with the Trinity Law School disability policy.

Master of Legal Studies Overview

The Master of Legal Studies degree program is a 30-unit online degree program. Students complete a core curriculum of 15 units and must choose from one of six 15-unit tracks for a total of 30 units. The six tracks are: General Legal Studies, Human Resources Management, Human Rights, Non Profit Organizations, Church and Ministry Management, and Bioethics. Courses are offered on a modular schedule beginning every eighth week. The program is designed to be completed within two years.