IDĀ 5000 Biblical Theology and InterpretationĀ - 3 Hours

A survey of biblical theology, including methodological issues of debate during the last two centuries. Emphasis on the Bible's storyline, examining how the books and corpora of the Bible contribute to the unfolding history of redemption. Attention is given to themes of temple, sacrifice, priest, rest, kingship, exile, idolatry, promise, messiah, wisdom, and others. Finally, the relationship of biblical theology with other disciplines, especially exegesis and systematic theology, is considered. Required for all MA in CM, MA in MHC, and MDiv students. Should be taken during first year of enrollment. Offered fall and spring.

Master of Arts in Bioethics (MA/BE)

...3 BE 7485 requires ID 6910 , a research...Course Sequencing Either BE 5000 or BE 5100...

Specialized Concentration

...TEDS OT 5000 and NT 5000 an undergraduate...methods course as an elective (generally ID 7900 ).