PT 7481 Internship I - 1-3 Hours

The internship is a guided ministry experience designed for the formation of pastoral identity under the guidance of ministry mentors and TEDS faculty. Interns are supervised in a ministry context by qualified internship mentors approved and trained by the Office of Supervised Ministries. The office and TEDS faculty from various departments provide formative interactions with interns individually, through written assignments and through the leading of an Internship Huddle. The Huddle includes student discussion with fellow interns and TEDS faculty. Internship Seminars touch on integrative topics crucial to ministerial formation and practice. This course is the first internship experience for MDiv students in the Church and Parachurch Track (may be taken for 2 or 3 hours; 100 hours of field experience required per credit hour) and the only internship option for those in the Academic Track (must be taken for 3 hours). A one-hour option is available for those under a catalog prior to 2017-18. Considered full-time academic status when taken for 3 credit hours. Prerequisites: MDiv Candidacy, Internship Orientation, and approval from the Director of Supervised Ministries.

Academic Information

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