PT 7482 Internship II - 1-3 Hours

This course is designed to be the second Internship experience for MDiv students in the Church and Parachurch track (may be taken for 2 or 3 Hours). The course provides an expansion of the student's ministry experience, mentoring from qualified practitioners, and theological reflection in a huddle experience with other Interns and Faculty. One hundred hours of field experience are required per credit hour over a 13-week semester (15 hours per week for 2 hours of academic credit and 23 hours per week for 3 hours of academic credit). This course requires a continuation of the same ministry site and mentor as PT 7481 Internship unless granted an exception by the Director of Supervised Ministries. Considered full-time academic status when taken for 3 credit hours.Prerequisite: PT 7481 Internship I.

Academic Information

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