The Biology major is designed to provide students with a versatile, broad-based degree that emphasizes microbiologycell and molecular biology, genetics, and biological systems. Students with this degree might pursue careers in industry or research in a variety of different settings.

Major requirements total 50 hours. This includes 28 hours of required Biology courses, 15 hours of supporting courses, 6 hours of Bioethics courses, and 1 hour professional experience.

Required Courses for General Education
BIO 111General Biology4
CH 111General Chemistry I4
MA 121Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
Required Biology Courses
BIO 112Biology: Plant and Animal Kingdoms4
BIO 310Microbiology4
BIO 315Genetics4
BIO 320Immunology3
BIO 321Immunology Case Studies Laboratory1
BIO 400Origins and Evolution3
BIO 410Biology Seminar1
BIO 420Cell and Molecular Biology4
BIO 430Developmental Biology4
Required Supporting Courses
CH 112General Chemistry II4
CH 211Organic Chemistry I4
CH 212Organic Chemistry II4
CH 320Biochemistry3
Required Bioethics Courses
BE 474XIntroduction to Bioethics3
or BE 476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute
BE 475XTopics in Bioethics:3
or BE 477X Undergraduate National Conference
Required Professional Experience
Select one of the following:1
Scientific Applications Professional Experience
Undergraduate Research
Scientific Applications Professional Experience
Advanced Scientific Applications Professional Experience
Undergraduate Research
Advanced Scientific Applications Professional Experience
Total Hours62