The Leadership minor has been created for qualified students who seek to grow their Servant Leadership of others across broad contexts. With dual emphasis on both theory and practice, the minor gives students an opportunity to develop and refine their philosophy of leadership and prepare to be successful as Servant Leaders. This minor is not available to Business or Psychology majors who choose the Organizational Leadership Emphasis located within their respective majors. Permission of either the chair of the Business Department or the chair of the Psychology Department required.

Required Courses

Students are responsible to meet all prerequisites if applicable.

Leadership Training Courses
Select one of the following options:3
Option 1:
Leadership Dynamics 2
Option 2:
Emerging Kingdom Leadership I 1,2
Emerging Kingdom Leadership II 1,2
PSY 220Interpersonal Skills Training 23
Select one of the following:3
Servant Leadership 2
Ministry Leadership
PSY 420XAdvanced Interpersonal Skills Training 23
Leadership Practica
Select one of the following options:3-4
Option 1:
Leadership Dynamics Practicum 2
Option 2:
Practical Leadership Capstone 2
Select 3 credit hours in the following, repeating as necessary.
Practicum in Advanced Leadership (May be repeated as necessary) 1,2,3
Practicum in Advanced Leadership (May be repeated as necessary) 1,2,3
Elective Courses
Select at least one elective from one category and two from the other:9
Organizational Leadership:
Organizational Behavior
Management of Change and Strategic Planning
Nonprofit Management
Group and Organizational Communication
Crisis Intervention
Organizational Psychology 2
Group Dynamics 2
Interpersonal and Intercultural Leadership:
Foundations of Intercultural Ministries
Introduction to Intercultural Ministry
Strategies for Discipling Ministries
Relational Skills for Ministry
Intercultural Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Conflict Management 2
Total Hours24-25

Requires involvement in on-campus or other recognized leadership activities and permission of the Division Director of Social Sciences.


Prerequisite necessary. See course description.


Students who earn three or more credit hours of LR 220 and/or LR 420 must take LR 440, Practical Leadership Capstone.