The graphic design major focuses on visual communication, theoretical concepts, practical skills, and contemporary tools involved in effective design for print and digital media. Major themes and topics include meaning making, social responsibility, foundational principles of design, and historical and theological considerations in the field. During their time at Trinity, students in the graphic design major will have opportunities to hone their skills in professional settings, work in a variety of media, and develop a professional portfolio.

GPH 100Design Software I: Desktop Publishing2
GPH 200Design Software II: Image-Making and Photo Manipulation2
GPH 301Design Software III: Vector Graphics2
GPH 110Design Foundations3
GPH 210Tangible Design3
GPH 230Introduction to Photography3
GPH 260Typography3
GPH 271Introduction to Web Design3
GPH 310Interaction Design3
GPH 410Design Systems3
GPH 490Capstone and Exhibition3
Select a minimum of 3 hrs of Topics in Graphic Design from the following courses:3
Topics in Graphic Design
Studio Topics in Graphic Design
GPH 160Design and Society3
GPH 360Design History3
GPH 440Portfolio2
GPH 445Internship3
Supporting Courses
Select at least two of the following:5-6
Art Appreciation
Studio Art
Mass Communication
Recommended Courses
Comparative Arts
History of Art I
History of Art II
Advanced Studio Art
Studies in Poetry
Graphic Design Project
Total Hours49-50