Admissions Requirements – Online Undergraduate Programs

Trinity offers several majors completely online. These programs allow students to complete a Trinity degree a convenient online delivery.

Admission to Trinity online programs is available to those who have met the following requirements:

Diploma / GEDHave a high school diploma, verified by transcript or official GED score report
GPAEarned a cumulative minimum overall GPA of 2.0 on all prior college work (if applicable)
Demonstrated Writing Proficiency for college-level work by one of the following:
1. Prior College Course Work
  • Have earned 16 or more college credits, with a cumulative overall GPA of 2.5. (Technical credits are not considered in meeting this criterion)
  • AND Have been enrolled in college-level coursework within the most recent five years
  • AND Have completed a two-course college English composition sequence with grades of C or better in both courses.
2. Standardized Test Scores
Composite score of 19 (SAT 900) and ACT English score of 19 (SAT 450 verbal).
3. Writing Placement Test
Satisfactory score on a writing placement test.