LR 170X Leadership Dynamics - 3 Hours

This course will study the vital role and responsibilities of leaders within various organizations. Emphasis will be given to the study of a biblical concept of leadership, various leadership styles, spiritual gifts, personal development, leadership management, administration/delegation, change management, conflict management, and development of leadership staff. Offered spring semester for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Cross-listed with PSY 170X. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 173 Emerging Leadership I - 1 Hour

Students will be exposed to the theory and practice of team leadership and group dynamics. Through a series of papers and other assignments, course participants will delve more deeply into the principles learned in Emerging Leaders program. Practical experience will be gained by planning a leadership conference for high school students. Prerequisite: Admittance into Emerging Leaders Program and permission of instructor. Offered fall semester for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 174 Emerging Leadership II - 2 Hours

Students in this course will gain practical leadership experience by planning and conducting a leadership conference for high school students. Participants will be challenged to apply principles in organizing, group dynamics, motivation, delegation, and conflict resolution. In addition to the experiences offered in the Emerging Leaders program, students will complete a series of assignments designed to help them in their personal leadership development. Prerequisites: LR 173 Emerging Leadership I and permission of instructor. Offered spring semester for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 220 Practicum in Leadership - 1 Hour

This practicum is for students who hold approved leadership positions but who are not in executive roles. Qualifying leadership experiences must involve at least 20 hours of leadership responsibilities during a semester. Students are required to keep a leadership journal as well as complete a reflection paper and research paper dealing with topics related to leadership. Students will adhere to internship standards. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 350 Topics in Leadership - 1-3 Hours

Selected topics as announced. Course may be repeated with different topic. Offered on demand for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 378X Servant Leadership - 3 Hours

This course is designed to move the student from theory to practice as it relates to being a Servant Leader (SL). Emphasis will be given to the strategic and tactical aspects of Servant Leadership with a pervasive focus given to evidencing a SL ethic. Servant Leader domains covered include: valuing people, developing people, displaying oneself authentically, building community, providing and sharing leadership. Prerequisite: LR 170X or LR 174/174 or PSY 140. Offered fall semester in odd-numbered years for Deerfield traditional undergraduate. Cross-listed with PSY 378X. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 420 Practicum in Advanced Leadership - 1 Hour

This practicum is up for students who hold executive leadership positions in approved on-campus activities. Qualifying leadership experiences must involve at least 45 hours of practical leadership experience along with significant responsibility/oversight of others. Students will adhere to TIU internship standards including keeping a leadership journal, meetings with a Leadership Coach, and the completion of a reflection paper. May be repeated. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 440 Practical Leadership Capstone - 1 Hour

This course challenges students to synthesize their leadership coursework and activities to prepare them for professional leadership positions. Students will reflect upon their leadership and growth and gain a greater appreciation of their individual leadership styles through tools such as ePortfolios, Personal Development Plans, Leadership Practices inventory, and integration papers. Upon completion of the course, students will receive an endorsement letter documenting their involvement in the Practical Leadership Program and citing their individual leadership strengths. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of instructor. Course fee required. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 470X Leadership Dynamics Practicum - 1-6 Hours

An advanced application course in leadership dynamics. Students will integrate leadership theory with experience in a practical setting, either on or off campus. Program specifics should allow students to practice all areas of leadership, including planning, implementation, and supervision. Practica experiences must be approved by the chair of either the Business or Psychology department. Enrollment is contingent upon completion of the College's internship contract, including the stipulation of course requirements. May be repeated for up to twelve total hours of credit. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and enrollment in an academic leadership program: the OL emphases, leadership emphases or minor in leadership. Offered each semester. Cross listed with PSY 470X. Delivery mode: Deerfield traditional undergraduate.

LR 5001 Foundations for Integrative Thought in Leadership - 3 Hours

This course surveys the Bible from the standpoint of its unfolding history of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, with special attention given to Scriptural applications of leadership theory and godly stewardship in the workplace. The course considers how precedents, themes, truths, and strategies that established God's will in earlier times provide direction for God's people today. Students will practice interpreting scripture responsibly and thinking creatively about current issues in leadership in the light of biblical principles. Offered face to face at Deerfield and Florida, and online.

LR 5002 Foundations for Cultural Engagement in Leadership - 3 Hours

This course introduces the student to pivotal Christian doctrines as a framework within which to evaluate the working assumptions of contemporary culture regarding influence, transformation, and effectiveness in leadership. In addition to investigating several models for Christian engagement with culture, the course encourages the positive formation of a Christian worldview as a foundation for wise interaction with contemporary thought about leadership. Offered face to face at Deerfield and Florida, and online.

LR 5010 Introduction to Leadership: Definition and Perspectives - 1 Hour

This course defines leadership and develops an initial set of skills for the study, research, assessment, and development of learning within the leadership arena. Offered on Deerfield, Dolton, and Florida campuses.

LR 5051 Foundations for Ethical Leadership - 2 Hours

This course surveys the ethical, philosophical, and practical dimensions of the leadership domain. Students will gain a foundation in the ethical challenges of leaders, past and present, and leadership theory criticism. Topics include power, hierarchy, influence, charisma, duty, and the greater good. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 5300 Contemporary Issues in Leadership-Global Leadership Summit - 2 Hours

The need of developing a Biblical and practical strategy for leadership in organizations, non-profits, and international networks is the intent of this "wrap-around" course. Students will also address several key issues facing leaders today and develop a customized plan for their organization's work. This course is conducted in cooperation with attendance at the Global Leadership Summit of the Willow Creek Association, but is the full responsibility of the Trinity Graduate School of Trinity International University. May be repeated in succeeding years. Offered Online.

LR 5460 Change and Conflict Management - 2 Hours

This course surveys the dynamics of change and conflict from a variety of perspectives, emphasizing skills of negotiation, building consensus and collaboration. Students will learn how to cultivate effective change within different types of organizations. This course also addresses specific strategies to address conflict situations, whether the conflict is interpersonal or organizational. Not open to students with credit in LR 5430 Conflict Management. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 5530 Interpersonal Communication - 3 Hours

An examination of the foundation of interpersonal skills. Interpersonal communication theories, the creation and reception of messages, and the impact of technology on interactions will be studied. These concepts will be applied to leadership in a variety of organizational settings. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 5570 Group and Organizational Communication - 3 Hours

A study of communication in the context of informal and formal groups, as well as organizations of various sizes and different degrees of complexity. The course will include research about communication in nonprofit and for-profit settings. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 5820 Globalization for Leadership - 3 Hours

Students in this course will explore the variety of ways our world has become and is increasingly becoming interconnected while simultaneously remaining fragmented and how these two forces impact leadership dynamics. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 5890 International Practicum - 3 Hours

The fieldwork in this practicum is designed to provide supervised experience in an international Christian setting to help students develop and reflect upon leadership. The opportunity is intended to provide exposure to different cultural, philosophical, and practical bases for functioning effectively in an international leadership setting.

LR 6100 Topics in Leadership - 3 Hours

Selected topics as announced. Course may be repeated with different topics. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 6130 Leadership Research - 2 Hours

This course is designed to equip learners with the basic skills in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques, including assessing initiative outcomes in applied organizational contexts.

LR 6150 Applied Leadership Project - 1-3 Hours

This course is used as the applied project component of either a previously taken undergraduate course or a graduate course without an included project. Students will conduct an approved mentor-directed project in a leadership role related to course. Leadership program director approval required. May be repeated for credit.

LR 6371 Contextualization and Communication - 2 Hours

Students in this course will be challenged to develop both the mindset and skill set of communications in various organizational situations. Specifically the course will focus on the importance of contextualization, verbal and nonverbal communication, public speaking, communicating vision, public relations, crisis management, and social media utilization. Innovation and creativity will also be explored. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 6380 Assessment and Innovation - 2 Hours

This course will review state-of-the art theoretical and applied models of creativity and innovation as they apply to the assessment process. Students will develop both the skills and the mindset to understand the critical nature of innovation as it relates to growth--personally and organizationally. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 6520 Coaching and Mentoring - 3 Hours

Course provides the opportunity for students to acquire a clear understanding of coaching and mentoring as leadership tools. Students will learn coaching skills, become familiar with coaching models, be exposed to a variety of assessment techniques and reflect on ethical and other professional issues in the world of coaching and mentoring.

LR 6720 Followership - 2-3 Hours

This course is a study of leadership through understanding the leader-follower relationship. This increasingly important dynamic to the leadership domain will examine the significance of how subordinates can and should ethically relate to their superiors and the impact this relationship dynamic has on an organization. Not open to students with credit in LR 6710 Followership. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 6811 Social and Cultural Understanding for Leadership - 2 Hours

This course will equip students to investigate diverse social and cultural contexts with attention to macro level issues such as globalization, ethnicity, and poverty, as well as the more interpersonal dynamics of culture-based differences regarding communication, values, lifestyles, and leadership. Special attention is paid to critical self-awareness and the impact of cultural difference within an organization. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 6850 Organizational Dynamics - 2 Hours

This course examines the foundations of the role of the organizational leader. A scaffold for understanding how to lead others in organizations, the course addresses topics such as leading change, adaptation of roles for organizational effectiveness, and developing other leaders. Offered face-to-face/cluster._

LR 6920 Human Resource Management - 3 Hours

The content of the course focuses on helping learners develop the skills and abilities for effective human resource management including developing job descriptions, interviewing and selection, development, and separation. Special attention will be given to using volunteers in nonprofit organizations. Offered face-to-face/cluster.

LR 6940 Essentials of Nonprofit Operational Management - 3 Hours

This course helps students address the operational challenges specific to nonprofit organizations including strategic planning, budgeting, financial statement interpretation, multisite management, communications campaigns and building projects. Offered face-to-face/cluster and online.

LR 6960 Nonprofit Organizational Dynamics - 3 Hours

The specifics of working for a nonprofit organization are presented. Content includes organizational and personal fundraising, nonprofit organizational structures, and nonprofit law and policy. Various issues in nonprofit constituency management included are board management, donor relationships and client service. Offered face-to-face/cluster and online.

LR 7468 Leadership Capstone Literature Review - 1-2 Hours

This is a guided research course in the area of a student's particular interest and is intended to facilitate the research process of the capstone project or integrative paper. This would generally be taken the semester before the capstone or integrative paper and would help to facilitate the proposal process.

LR 7478 Leadership Capstone Project - 2-3 Hours

A student may choose to do a final project in a research-based practicum requiring a practical leadership component or an integrative paper for their capstone. This should be chosen in collaboration with a faculty advisor. The research and project or integrative paper will be presented before student colleagues and faculty readers.

LR 7486 Leadership Capstone Extension - 0 Hours

This course is taken when an extension has been granted beyond one semester for progress toward completion of the capstone. No Credit.

LR 7501 Guided Research in Leadership - 1-3 Hours

This elective provides an opportunity to conduct a major project (typically writing a major paper) on a leadership topic of special interest. Students may arrange such a course in any term with an appropriate faculty advisor. May be repeated for credit.