SE 5353 Management of Change and Strategic Planning - 2-3 Hours

Theory, analysis, and application of intervention methods and procedures to effect change within the organization. Leadership roles in effecting change.

SE 5372 Nonprofit Management - 2 Hours

This course covers the theories and principles unique to managing ministries and not-for-profit social services organizations. Special emphasis is placed on the recruitment and management of volunteers and on effective development and utilization of volunteer boards of directors.

SE 5373 Nonprofit Financial Management - 2 Hours

This course covers basic concepts in managing finances for non-profit organizations. Basic accounting topics covered include budgeting, expense control, and income measurement. In addition, the course covers fundraising practices, including annual funding, capital campaigns, planned giving, special events, and grant proposal approaches and procedures. Ethical implications of fundraising and a survey of laws and regulations are also presented.

SE 5391 Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance - 2 Hours

This course is desinged to help students understand key accounting and financial concepts as they relate to start-up ventures. Concepts to be covered include financing options, working capital management, financial statements, and the time value of money. Brief coverage will also be given to personal financial management and to succession and retirement planning.

SE 5392 Social Entrepreneurship - 2 Hours

This course focuses on preparing students to create and manage organizations that advance social change. Course content will cover the start up, organization, and financing of enterprises with social purposes.