Note: TEDS, with the approval of the Association of Theological Schools and the Higher Learning Commission, offers the Master of Arts in Urban Ministry degree program at the South Chicago Regional Center in Dolton. Although some urban-ministry–related courses are available in Deerfield, participants should plan to make the South Chicago Regional Center the center of their program activities.

Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Urban Ministries will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and skills for effective ministry
  • demonstrate pastoral, preaching, and teaching skills
  • demonstrate practical knowledge in an urban setting
  • demonstrate social awareness along with academic and professional skills
  • provide a contextualized integration of social awareness and spiritual responsibilities within an urban setting

MA in UM Program Purpose

The MA in UM serves students engaged in urban ministry who desire a graduate degree that provides knowledge and skills for effective ministry in an urban setting. The emphasis is designed for the mature student with significant experience in urban ministry. While the objectives of this emphasis focus on the specific needs of minority students in urban ministry, others with appropriate urban ministry background or vocational goals are encouraged to apply. The MA in UM has the following objectives:

Professional Competence. The program will contribute to effectiveness as a pastor, preacher, and teacher.

Educational Legitimization. The structures of a complex urban society often call on urban pastors to intercede with agencies such as the welfare department, courts, public schools, and social work systems. Adequate professional skill and academic credentials legitimize the urban pastor’s ministry in these contexts.

Theological Integration. The integration of social and spiritual responsibilities in urban ministry often lacks a clear framework. The MA in UM program provides a contextualized setting for engaging this integration.

Marketable Skills. Professional competence and academic credentials enhance the opening of ministry opportunities for urban pastors.

MA in UM Design and Requirements

The MA in UM’s main campus in the city of Chicago offers classes at times conducive for persons engaged in full-time employment. The entire program may be completed at the South Chicago Regional Center (SCRC); however, many courses are also offered on the Deerfield Campus.

The curriculum design enables completion of the required 48 hours in approximately three years when taking two courses (6-8 hours) per semester, making the emphasis accessible to those engaged in full-time ministry. Upon completion of coursework, a written professional project is also required that reflects the engagement of the student’s academic training with ministry experience.

Courses are offered at the South Chicago Regional Center in Dolton. Updated course information may be obtained through the Associate Dean at SCRC and Director of the MA in UM program, at 312.505.8498.

MA in UM Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

In addition to the General Admission Requirements described in the Admissions section of the catalog, the following further requirements are specific to the MA in UM program:

The applicant’s undergraduate grade point average must be a minimum of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale; however, since GPA is not always an accurate indicator of an applicant’s abilities for graduate work, those with a lower GPA are encouraged to consult with our admissions counselors. Alternative evaluation is sometimes possible, as is admission status that will permit the applicant to demonstrate the ability to do graduate work.

MA in UM Residency Requirement and Continuation

Residency requirements for the MA in UM degree:

  • 24 hours must be completed through Trinity coursework.
  • The final 8 hours must be taken through Trinity.

MA in UM Statute of Limitation

All MA in UM program requirements must be completed within eight years.

MA in UM Candidacy Requirements

Admission to the MA in UM program must be followed by achievement of candidacy for the degree. Program candidacy occurs when:

  • A minimum of 16 hours in the program is completed with a minimum GPA of 2.5 for program course work after admission to the program.
  • All entrance deficiencies and conditions are removed.
  • Formal action has been taken by the faculty to grant candidacy for the degree.

MA in UM Graduation Requirements

The following requirements must be completed to earn the MA in UM degree:

  1. Complete the General Graduation Requirements for all master’s programs.
  2. Complete a minimum of 48 hours with a cumulative GPA for program course work of at least 2.5, with no course work graded below a “C-” applicable to the degree.
  3. Meet the general comprehensive requirements in Old Testament, New Testament, and three in Systematic Theology through either successful completion of the exams or parallel coursework. See the Academic Handbook for details on these exams.
    MA in UM students may complete the general comprehensive requirement through TEDS Online  courses (OT 5000, NT 5000, ST 5101, ST 5102, ST 5103) when available, which must be passed with a “C” or higher. Failure to pass at this grade level necessitates completion of the classroom course.
  4. MA in UM students must complete an approved professional project (PT 7471, PT 7472), reflecting academic training, practical experiences, and demonstrated ability in the practice of urban ministry.
Old Testament
OT 5000Intro to the Old Testament4
New Testament
NT 5000Intro to the New Testament3
Systematic Theology
ID 5000Biblical Theology and Interpretation3
ST 5201Theology I: The God of the Gospel3
ST 5202Theology II: The Gospel of God3
Church History Elective
Select 3 hours of church history electives3
Mission and Evangelism
ME 5140Mission of the Urban Church3
Urban Ministry
EM 5150Urban Educational Ministries3
HM 6715Hermeneutical & Homiletical Foundations of Preaching3
CM 5000Intro to Counseling Ministries2
CM 6000Issues in Counseling Ministries1
PT 5145Introduction to Urban Structure and Context2
Pastoral Theology
PT 7450Urban Ministry Practicum I3
PT 7451Urban Ministry Practicum II3
PT 7452Urban Ministry Practicum III3
PT 7471Urban Ministry Project Design/Research3
PT 7472Urban Ministry Project Report3
Total Hours48