Learning in Community and Accessible Course Delivery

Trinity International University – Florida is committed to learning in community and to making graduate and undergraduate education accessible.

Students and their professors form learning communities in each course based on an andragogical model wherein students participate with their peers as contributors to the learning experience. They are not simply passive receptors of knowledge, as often occurs under pedagogical instructional models. For this reason, courses at TIU - Florida are held synchronously, regardless of whether students and professors meet face to face in the classroom or participate in courses at a distance through electronic media. While each professor is qualified through education and experience to teach in their field, community collaboration is a hallmark of the Trinity Florida educational experience.

Trinity International University - Florida seeks to make education accessible. Students in South Florida may register for courses that meet at either of the University’s sites in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties. The classrooms and offices of TIU - Florida are easily reached via major highways in both counties. Courses are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends, allowing working students to obtain their degree while supporting themselves and their families. Some classes are held synchronously at both sites using technology to link the classrooms.

Trinity International University - Florida also provides educational access through its HyFlex model of education that allows students at a distance to participate fully in class sessions held in the Miami-Dade or Broward classrooms. Trinity’s smart classrooms are equipped with cameras, screens, microphones, speakers, and computers so that students at remote locations can participate fully in class sessions on their computer, tablet, or phone, currently via Zoom or Google Meet. Due to the unique circumstances of students and professors, certain classes meet exclusively via these communication platforms. TIU - Florida’s HyFlex model also enables professors from the university’s main campus and elsewhere to teach courses in Florida. All courses are supported by Canvas, Trinity’s learning management system. During class sessions, Information Technology personnel are available for students and professors, whether they are meeting in person or logging in to class online.