Business Administration Major

The Business Administration program educates students in the professional competencies, cultural understanding, and ethical commitments needed to serve as business leaders.

To complete a major in Business Administration, a student needs to complete the 42 credit hour core and 12 credit hours in the area of Organizational Leadership.

Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration will be able to:

  • understand and articulate the varied trends in the field of business and leadership
  • apply business and leadership concepts to practical situations
  • formulate a philosophy of managing people
  • delineate a critically reflective stand on key issues in the fields of business and leadership
  • understand and utilize quantitative skills to make leadership decisions
  • formulate a strategic plan for organizations
  • develop entrepreneurial spirit and understanding
  • integrate Christian faith, wisdom, and ethics in all aspects of the business enterprise

Business Core

BUS 103Introduction to Economics3
BUS 111Principles of Management3
BUS 113Principles of Marketing3
BUS 115Human Resources Management3
BUS 201Introduction to Business Law3
BUS 221Principles of Accounting I3
BUS 223Managerial Accounting and Analysis3
BUS 390Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation3
BUS 411Financial Management3
BUS 423Management Information Systems3
BUS 426Strategic Planning3
BUS 481Organizational Ethics3
BUS 490Seminar in Business and Management Ethics3
COM 210XBusiness Communication3
Total Hours42

Organizational Leadership

BUS 340Visionary Leadership3
BUS 341Leading Teams3
BUS 351Organizational Development3
BUS 471Leadership and Organizational Culture3
Total Hours12

Total program hours: 54