Guidelines for Graduate Studies Preparation

Students who are still pursuing an undergraduate degree are encouraged to incorporate coursework into their studies that will fulfill the following guidelines:

  1. Students coming into Trinity Graduate School should typically have had at least 60 semester hours of liberal arts coursework, including a broad undergraduate background in the humanities and the natural and social sciences.
  2. Pre-graduate studies should give evidence that the applicant has developed the ability to think independently and to communicate effectively. Application materials will be carefully evaluated for writing skills. If a weakness is discovered, the student may be required to take extra study in English composition.
  3. The applicant should note carefully the prerequisite course requirements for each program and take as many of those courses as possible at the undergraduate level. In most cases, if a student is qualified for admission but lacks the necessary prerequisite coursework, the deficiency can be removed through additional coursework at Trinity International University.
  4. Applicants are encouraged to become familiar with the content of the Bible, either through formal coursework or personal study. If an applicant’s undergraduate program includes courses that parallel required courses in the Trinity curriculum, the applicant will be granted considerable flexibility in selecting advanced-level courses as substitutes for the required classes. Faculty advisors are able to assist in this process.