The Religious Studies Minor is designed to help Trinity students gain an understanding of the religious environment of Western culture. The Religious Studies Minor is well suited for students who will frequently encounter people from other faith expressions while pursuing their careers in business, journalism, ministry, and public school education. Requirements for the Religious Studies Minor total 24 hours, including 9 hours of required courses and 15 hours of electives.

Required Courses
BRS 231Christian Doctrine3
BRS 330Christian Evidences3
BRS/PH 363XSurvey of Religious Diversity3
Elective Courses
Select 15 hours of the following:15
American Church History
Topics in Church History
Topics in Contemporary Theology
Theological and Sociological Foundations of Evangelism
History of Christianity
Topics in Biblical and Religious Studies
Foundations of Intercultural Ministries
Advanced Topics in Religious Studies 1
Independent Study
Total Hours24

May be cross-listed with TEDS courses