The Bachelor of Arts in Worship Music degree equips students to skillfully plan, prepare, and lead excellent worship services that are Christ-centered, biblically and theologically grounded, historically informed, and reflective of the cultural and generational diversity of the church body. The program hones musical skills that are most common to contemporary evangelical corporate worship today and prepares graduates to meet the changing needs and conditions they will find throughout their lifetime of service to the local church.

Program Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to describe the biblical profile of a qualified ministry leader, and will have demonstrated progress toward that goal in their personal maturation, relationships, leadership responsibilities, and studies.
  2. Students will be able to interact in a relationship-based ministry which models and empowers discipleship, service to the local church, and stewardship of musical talents.
  3. Students will be skilled musicians on multiple instruments, demonstrating basic guitar or keyboard, vocal, and technical proficiency.
  4. Students will possess aural and written music skills necessary for creating and communicating music with lay musicians with various gifts.
  5. Students will learn to communicate theologically and musically in culturally and generationally diverse ways with excellence, employing a theology of worship that is thoughtfully formulated and grounded in biblical and aesthetic integrity.
  6. Students will skillfully plan, rehearse, and lead Christ-centered, historically informed, and biblical worship services using contemporary technology and instruments.                                                  

The worship music major requires 17 hours of music, 13 hours of music ensembles and private lessons, 15 hours of Bible and ministry courses, and 16 hours of worship studies, for a total of 61 credit hours. Up to 15 hours of the major may also fulfill general education requirements.


MUT 101Elements of Music3
MUT 121Music Theory in Contemporary Practice3
Choose one:3
Comparative Arts May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.
Survey of Music History and Literature (May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.)
MUH 211Survey of World Music May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.3
MUH 221American Popular Music3
MUT 225Songwriting and Arranging2
Total Hours17


MUZ 220Contemporary Worship Ensemble ((2 semesters))2
Concert Choir (4 semesters)4
Private Music Lessons 7
Private Lessons: Guitar (1/semester)
Private Lessons: Piano (1/semester)
Private Lessons: Voice (1/semester)
Total Hours13

Bible and Ministry

BI 290Interpreting and Teaching the Bible3
BRS 305Theology I: The God of the Gospel3
BRS 306Theology II: The Gospel of God3
CM 172Introduction to Ministry3
CM 260Introduction to Intercultural Ministry3
American Church History May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.
History of Christianity
Total Hours15


WOR 111Introduction to Worship Studies1
WOR 121Introduction to Technology in Worship2
MUW 335Musicianship for Worship3
WOR 437XMusic in Worship3
WOR 438Worship Planning3
WOR 450Internship3
WOR 499Senior Seminar in Worship Studies1
Total Hours16


Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College requires 120 credit hours. In addition to the general education and major requirements, students will have the opportunity to take elective courses according to the student's interest, in consultation with their academic advisor and/or the worship music program chair.  Recommended courses include:

  • Additional courses in Bible and ministry
  • Courses in leadership and management
  • Courses in the humanities: poetry, literature, history, philosophy
  • Special topics courses in worship music as available