The chemistry major prepares students for professional careers in industrial chemistry, medicine, forensic science, and teaching, as well as for graduate studies.  

We believe that God is revealed in both His Word and His world and that a study of both is necessary to develop a healthy, biblical worldview.  We teach students to study the natural world in order to critically evaluate the results of their observations about the world, gain a deeper understanding of God as he is revealed in the world, develop a sense of responsibility to the world, and appreciate aesthetically the wonders of the world.  

Program Outcomes:

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry will be able to:

  • compare favorably in content knowledge with those students completing similar programs
  • communicate scientific concepts orally and in writing
  • conduct independent research by collecting and analyzing data and presenting the results in a formal presentation
  • analyze bioethical issues from a Christian worldview

Chemistry Major

Required Chemistry Courses
CH 111General Chemistry I May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.4
CH 112General Chemistry II4
CH 211Organic Chemistry I4
CH 212Organic Chemistry II4
CH 311Quantitative Analysis4
CH 312Instrumental Analysis4
CH 320Biochemistry3
CH 340Laboratory in Chemistry1
CH 410Chemistry Seminar1
CH 411Inorganic Chemistry3
CH 412Physical Chemistry of Biological Systems4
CH 442Undergraduate Research1-4
Required Supporting Courses
BE 474XIntroduction to Bioethics May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.3
or BE 476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute
MA 121Calculus and Analytic Geometry I May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.4
MA 122Calculus and Analytic Geometry II4
PHY 111General Physics I4
PHY 112General Physics II4
Highly Recommended Courses:
Topics in Bioethics
Undergraduate National Conference
Research Ethics
Introductory Statistics
Introduction to Psychology May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.
Total Hours56-59