The Intercultural Studies minor is designed to inform and equip Trinity students for a wide range of intercultural ministries within the global context of Christian mission. This program exposes students to the challenge and dynamic of intercultural interaction in local, as well as international, multiethnic, and culturo-linguistic, settings. Particular emphasis is given to issues such as ethnicity, cultural diversity, effective intercultural communication, intercultural competency, and other culture-related issues. Students selecting an Intercultural Studies minor are encouraged to integrate Christian learning and a biblical worldview with current social and cultural realities. Such an integrated approach is intended to provide a solid, informed basis for involvement in various ministries and professions, thus helping students to participate effectively in reaching a rapidly changing world for Christ. Requirements total 24 hours.

Required Courses
BRS 338Theological and Sociological Foundations of Evangelism3
BRS/PH 363XSurvey of Religious Diversity3
CM 260Introduction to Intercultural Ministry3
BRS 360X/CM 360XFoundations of Intercultural Ministries3
SOC 231Cultural Anthropology3
Elective Courses
Select 6 hours of the following:6
Teaching the Bible
Topics in Biblical and Religious Studies
Principles of Relational Youth Ministry
Relational Skills for Ministry
Topics in Christian Education
Independent Study
Intercultural Communication
Business Communication
World Geography
Topics in World History
Philosophy of Religion
Race and Ethnic Relations
Urban Sociology
Contemporary foreign language
Internship in Intercultural Context
CM 445Ministry Internship3
Total Hours24