The Middle Grades Social Studies Education major prepares students to teach history and social studies to middle level students in grade 5 - 8. Content preparation gives the student breadth for teaching social studies, including courses in history, government, economics and geography. The required professional education courses prepare the candidate to be successful in the classroom. Candidates who successfully complete the major are eligible to receive an Illinois Professional Educator License that is valid for teaching at the middle grades level (grades 5 - 8). Students who desire to teach at the high school level should major in History/Social Science with secondary education licensure. Candidates who wish to be prepared to teach history in all secondary grades (e.g. middle school and high school) should complete the History/Social Science with secondary education licensure major. 

Important note: Students may not double major in History/Social Science with Secondary Education Licensure and Middle Grades Social Studies Education. The majors are too similar to constitute a double major. 

Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle Grades Science Education will be able to:

  • teach in their respective fields
  • plan, deliver and assess effective instructional experiences that align with learning standards, educational theory, and knowledge of student development
  • exhibit appropriate professional dispositions that reflect the personal, professional, and practical components of teaching
  • evidence Christian values in their personal and professional practice, while respecting the exercise of individual moral decisions.
  • address the differing needs of a diverse student population with professional competence, respect and fairness.
Professional Education Courses
ED 101Introduction to Teaching2
ED 103Professional Skills for Teachers1
ED 240Foundations of Education2
ED 260XEducational Psychology/Human Development3
ED 306Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum3
ED 310General Teaching Methods2
ED 311General Teaching Methods Pre-Clinical Experience1
ED 330Introduction to Special Education3
ED 363Teaching History Secondary School3
ED 368Secondary Methods Pre-clinical Experience2
ED 380Diversity in Education1
ED 381Diversity Pre-clinical Experience1
ED 413Clinical Practice in the Secondary School12
ED 421Classroom Management1
ED 422Advanced Seminar in Education2
ED 430Educational Research and Assessment2
PSY 337Psychology of Adolescence3
Required History/Social Science Courses
HI 105Understanding History3
HI 121United States History Through the Civil War3
HI 122United States History Since the Civil War3
HI 201World Civilizations to 16003
HI 202World Civilizations Since 16003
HI upper division elective3
BUS 103Introduction to Economics3
or BUS 208 Macroeconomics
GEO 100World Geography3
POL 250American Government3
Total Hours71