The English/Communication major is designed to educate students in a dual writing/literature track, in the context of the broad liberal arts, for careers in media (including public relations), law, library science, and government. Students are prepared for graduate work in communication and, with additional literature courses, are also prepared for graduate work in English.

Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Communication will be able to:

  • describe formal features of the genres of poetry, fiction, and drama
  • demonstrate thematic and historical knowledge of Anglophone literature
  • adequately research a critical problem and document their sources
  • accurately describe the work of literary scholars, apply their methods, and reflect on these methods in the light of Christian theology
  • craft scholarly arguments, i.e., support the main claim with evidence, including analysis, and with respect to a larger context or conversation
  • demonstrate rhetorical and academic learning through critical self-reflection

Requirements total 54 hours. This includes 45 hours of English courses and 9 hours of related courses. Nine hours required in the major meet general education requirements.

Required Courses

Genre Courses
ENG 220Studies in Poetry3
ENG 222Studies in Fiction3
Core Communication Courses
COM 120Introduction to Communication3
ENG 240XWriting for the Media I3
ENG 340XWriting for the Media II3
ENG 440XTopics in Media Studies3
Practical Courses
ENG 445Capstone Internship3
GPH 105Foundational Design Software3
Select 3 hours from the following (with instructor's guidance and consent):3
Skill Course
Select one of the following:3
Business Communication
Creative Writing
Period Courses
ENG 306Renaissance Literature3
ENG 310Romantic Literature3
Period and Author Courses
Select two of the following:6
Classical Literature
Modern British Literature
Russian Literature
American Literature I: Puritanism Through Transcendentalism
American Literature II: Civil War Through Depression
Topics in Literature
Theory Course
This course may replace a Period and Author Course
Survey of Contemporary Critical Theory
Advanced Course
ENG 420Capstone Seminar in the British Novel3
Related Courses9
Mass Communication
American Government
Choose the remaining 3 hours from the Period and Author Courses, or an appropriate Upper Division Communication or Graphic Design course, in consultation with an advisor and consent of the professor of record, if needed.
Optional Internship
Total Hours54