The Sport and Wellness Management major is designed to prepare students for a variety of career opportunities available in the sport and wellness industry in corporate or community settings. Wellness counseling, personal fitness/ performance training, recreation/athletic director, sports marketing, sports media, and sports facility management are among the many possible career fields available to the Sport and Wellness Management major.

Requirements total a minimum of 61 hours. Students must complete 26 hours of Sport and Wellness Management Core curriculum including 16 hours of Human Performance and Wellness, 4 hours of Biology, 3 hours of English, and 3 hours of Psychology, in addition to choosing an emphasis in Sport Management or Health and Wellness.  Up to 10 of the required hours may be used to meet general education requirements. 

Program Outcomes:

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sport and Wellness Management will be able to:

  • demonstrate content knowledge
  • evidence Christian values and ethical decision making in their professional and personal lives
  • demonstrate interpersonal skills and behavior for professional interactions
  • demonstrate the skills necessary to gain employment in their field
  • demonstrate Christ-centered thinking and action
Sport and Wellness Core (26 hours)
Human Performance and Wellness Courses
HS 165Responding to Emergencies and Sport Safety Training3
HPW 180Introduction to Health and Wellness3
HPW 190Foundations of Human Performance and Wellness3
HPW 228XSport and Wellness Psychology3
HPW 334Management of Sport and Wellness3
HPW 490Seminar in Human Performance and Wellness1
Biology Course
BIO 140Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology4
English Course
ENG 210XBusiness Communication3
Psychology Course
PSY 140Introduction to Psychology3
Sport Management Emphasis (36 Hours)
BUS 111Principles of Management3
BUS 113Principles of Marketing3
BUS 115Human Resources Management3
BUS 221Principles of Accounting I3
BUS 223Managerial Accounting and Analysis3
COM 140Introduction to Public Relations3
HPW 320Sports Operations3
HPW 430Sports Law and Ethics3
HPW 446Field Internship3
Select one of the following:
Organizational Behavior
Compensation and Benefits
Management of Change
Nonprofit Financial Management
Select two of the following:
Digital Storytelling
Mass Communication
Social and Interactive Media Strategies
Writing for Digital Contexts
Health and Wellness Emphasis (35 hours)
HPWA 104Beginning Weight Training1
HPWA 204Advanced Weight Training1
HPW 220Practicum in Sport and Wellness Management3
HPW 224Team Sports3
HPW 446Field Internship12
HS 201Physiology of Exercise3
HS 202Nutrition3
HS 251Kinesiology3
Psychology Course
PSY 220Interpersonal Skills Training3
Business Course - Choose one:3
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Human Resources Management
Principles of Accounting I