American History Courses
Select 12 hours of the following:12
HI 121United States History Through the Civil War3
HI 122United States History Since the Civil War3
HI 321XAmerican Church History3
HI 372History of Ideas in America3
HI 373African American History3
HI 375Topics in American History3
HI 376Twentieth-Century American Cultural History3
HI 471Seminar in Colonial and Revolutionary America3
HI 475Seminar in American History3
American Literature Courses
ENG 318American Literature I: Puritanism Through Transcendentalism3
ENG 320American Literature II: Civil War Through Depression3
Political Science Courses
Select 6 hours of the following:6
POL 250American Government3
POL 255Constitutional Law3
POL 375Topics in Law and Government (American topic only)3
Total Hours24