Required Courses <sup>24 hours</sup>
HI 105Understanding History3
HI 121United States History Through the Civil War3
HI 122United States History Since the Civil War3
HI 201World Civilizations to 16003
HI 202World Civilizations Since 16003
HI 485Philosophy of History3
Select two seminars from the following: 16
Seminar in Ancient Greece and Rome
Seminar in Medieval/Renaissance History
Seminar in Early Modern Europe
Seminar in Modern Europe
Seminar in Colonial and Revolutionary America
Seminar in American History
Elective Courses
Select 12 hours of the following. Two must be at 300 level or above:12
Topics in Military History
Topics in World History 2
Topics in European History 2
Advanced Topics in Military History
American Civil War
Topics in American History 2
Supporting Courses8-10
World Geography
Select one additional course from the following selection:
History of Art I
History of Art II
Christianity and Modern Literature
Any 300-400 level literature course
Music History I
Music History II
Any PH course beyond 180
Any POL course except POL 111, POL 250, or POL 252
Research Methods and Design
Social Psychology
Urban Sociology
Research Methods and Design
Social Psychology
XX 359
Total Hours44-46

Research papers must be on military topics


Military Course Topic required