Within a Christ-centered liberal arts curriculum, the mission of the Criminal Justice Program is to provide students with a strong foundation in the studies of criminology including criminal law, legal systems, corrections, and policing in order to prepare them to enter advanced programs in legal studies and law enforcement, and for allied careers in the criminal justice field. 

Program Outcomes:

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice will be able to:

  • understand crime
  • understand the ethics of criminal justice
  • demonstrate a knowledge of the judicial system
  • demonstrate critical thinking
  • demonstrate research and writing skills
  • appreciate race, culture and gender
  • demonstrate appropriate interpersonal behavior

Required General Education courses:

Required Courses
CRJ 101Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ 201Criminal Law and Procedure3
CRJ 330Corrections3
CRJ 360Race, Gender, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice3
CRJ 361Juvenile Justice and Delinquency3
CRJ 445Criminal Justice Internship3
CRJ 460Victimology and Restorative Justice3
CRJ 490Criminal Justice Seminar3
POL 250American Government3
POL 255Constitutional Law3
PSY 285XStatistics4
SOC 324Criminology3
Complete one emphasis from the following13-17
Total Hours50-54


Digital Studies Emphasis (16-17)

BUS 388Digital Analytics3
CS 120Computer Programming I3
CRJ 322Policing with Digital Technology2
CRJ 352Cybercrime2
CRJ 451Legal Issues in Technology3
Choose one of the following:3-4
Computer Hardware
Computer Operating Systems
Intermediate Design Software
Introduction to Web Design 1
Total Hours16-17

 Prerequisite required.

Law Enforcement Emphasis (13-14 hrs)

CRJ 320Police and Societal Interactions3
CRJ 322Policing with Digital Technology2
CRJ 351Drugs, Alcohol, and Crime3
CRJ 420Police Response to Protests, Riots, and Disasters3
Choose one of the following:2-3
Legal Issues in Technology
Responding to Emergencies and Sport Safety Training
Interpersonal Skills Training
Crisis Intervention
Introduction to Social Work
Total Hours13-14

Legal Studies Emphasis (14-15) 

COM 112Speech3
CRJ 210Criminal Courts3
CRJ 300Legal Writing and Communication3
CRJ 352Cybercrime2
Choose one:3-4
Introduction to Business Law
Policing with Digital Technology
White Collar Crime
Legal Issues in Technology
Seminar in Ancient Greece and Rome
Seminar in Medieval/Renaissance History
Seminar in Early Modern Europe
Seminar in Modern Europe
Seminar in American History
Law, Justice and Culture
Interpersonal Skills Training
Urban Sociology
Total Hours14-15