The Human Services major develops the theoretical background and practical skills needed for responsible and effective entry-level managerial practice in a wide-variety of service fields. In addition to providing groundwork for specialized and/or graduate study (e.g., MSW, MA/CP, etc.), this program prepares students to make meaningful - and distinctly Christian - contributions to the lives of individuals, families, and communities in entry-level service positions in varying contexts. Human Services workers hold professional and paraprofessional positions in diverse settings such as transitional living facilities, group homes, correctional facilities, mental health centers, churches, law enforcement agencies, adolescent and geriatric service organizations, consumer information/protection offices, financial counseling bureaus, and agencies dedicated to combating and helping to treat substance abuse issues, trauma, and issues associated with family violence.

Students completing a major in Human Services will:

  • examine and evaluate human systems - individual, group, family, organization, community, and society - from a Christian perspective;
  • interrelate historical, philosophical, sociological, and faith-based approaches to human services;
  • understand the conditions that promote or limit human flourishing across the lifespan, for individuals, groups, and communities at large;
  • advocate effectively for social change - especially for vulnerable or oppressed people or groups;
  • evidence competence in administrative and legal aspects of the service delivery system;
  • analyze service problem situations systematically, selecting appropriate strategies, services, or interventions and assessing their outcomes;
  • demonstrate human service intervention skills appropriate to bachelor-level education and in preparation for graduate education; and
  • integrate Christian thought and life with ethical and effective care in the context of a human service agency.

Required Courses for General Education (10 hours):

Required Human Services Courses:
HMS 101Introduction to Human Services3
HMS 102Foundations of Human Services3
HMS 121Human Diversity3
HMS 221The Family System in Context3
HMS 301Ethics in the Helping Professions3
HMS 311Social Welfare Programs and Policy3
HMS 321Human Services Practice with Multicultural Groups3
HMS 331Human Behavior in the Social Environment3
HMS 345Agency Field Experience3
HMS 445Field Experience/Internship3
HMS 490Senior Seminar in Human Services3
SOC 232Social Movements3
SOC 335Urban Sociology3
Electives (choose 3 hours):3
Topics in Human Services
Independent Study in Human Services
Required Supporting Courses:
POL 250American Government3
SOC 222Social Problems3
Total Hours48