The Psychology major is designed to provide an understanding and perspective of professional psychology as well as the challenges and problems of living. The major is a foundational study for graduate school and for everyday life.

Program Outcomes:

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology will be able to:

  • compare favorably with students in similar programs
  • evaluate scientific philosophies and theories within a Christian framework
  • integrate Christian and psychological perspectives
  • apply scientific concepts and analyses to psychological problems and employ problem-solving skills to specific psychological phenomena/situations
  • evaluate research methods including design, statistical analysis, and psychometric methods
  • think scientifically, distinguishing observations from conclusions as well as theories and findings based upon evidence from those without such support
  • relate the study of psychology to contemporary society, making a significant contribution to church and community
  • identify with and become actively involved in psychology focused activities
  • explore inherent tensions in social science and psychology as it relates to theology and their experience of faith

Requirements total 48 hours. This includes 27 from required Psychology courses and 21 hours of Psychology electives. At least one credit hour of experiential education must be taken (PSY 345PSY 445, or PSY 470X). Up to seven of the required hours may be used to meet general education requirements. The capstone course PSY 441 will also fulfill the general education requirement of IDS 499X. The Organizational Leadership Emphasis (OLE) requires 18 of the 21 elective hours to be taken in the emphasis. 

Required Courses
PSY 140Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 141Psychology Seminar1
PSY 285XStatistics4
PSY 346XResearch Methods and Design3
PSY 441Psychology Senior Seminar 51
Developmental Psychology Course
Select one of the following:3
Child Development
Psychology of Adolescence
Adult Development
Theory Courses
Select two of the following:6
Personality Theories
Theories of Learning
Social Psychology
Application Course
Select one course corresponding to one of the chosen theory courses above:3
Group Dynamics (taken after PSY 350X)
Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (taken after PSY 320)
Therapeutic Psychology (taken after PSY 300)
Integrative Course
PSY 430Psychology of Religion3
or PSY 440 Integration of Psychology and the Christian Faith
Elective Courses
Each student must complete at least one hour of professional experience (experiential education). An internship is required for students majoring in Psychology unless the professional experience requirement is completed in another way (e.g., in another major). See footnote #3 below.
Select 21 credits of the following:21
Leadership Dynamics
Life Planning
Interpersonal Skills Training
Sport and Wellness Psychology
Crisis Intervention
Human Sexuality
Contemporary Issues Psychology
Topics in Counseling Psychology
Psychology of Addiction
Educational Psychology/Human Development
Personality Theories 1
Organizational Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Theories of Learning 1
Child Development 2
Psychology of Adolescence 2
Adult Development 2
Internship I 3
Social Psychology 1
Group Dynamics 4
Conflict Management
Introduction to Social Work
Cognitive Behavioral Psychology 4
Physiological Psychology
Therapeutic Psychology 4
Advanced Interpersonal Skills Training
Psychology of Religion
Integration of Psychology and the Christian Faith
Internship II 3
Independent Study
Leadership Dynamics Practicum 3
Total Hours48

May be used to fulfill the one of the two theory requirements.


May be used to fulfill the development requirement.


 May be used to fulfill the professional experience requirement.


May be used to fulfill the one application course requirement, provided that the chosen theory course with which it corresponds is also taken. The student is strongly advised to take the corresponding application course after the chosen theory course, but it is not required; however, in the case of PSY 400, PSY 300 is a prerequisite.


May be used to fulfill the integrative requirement.

Counseling Psychology Emphasis

Course selections must include 18 hours in Psychology as part of the 47-hour requirement for the Psychology major.

The Counseling Psychology Emphasis (CPE) has been created for Psychology Majors who wish to focus their course selections on those that will prepare them for further training in the people helping professions.

Required Courses
PSY 300Personality Theories3
PSY 310Abnormal Psychology3
Select one of the following:3
Interpersonal Skills Training
Crisis Intervention
Human Sexuality
Topics in Counseling Psychology
Psychology of Addiction
Select two of the following:6
Internship I (counseling related only)
Group Dynamics
Conflict Management
Cognitive Behavioral Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Advanced Interpersonal Skills Training
PSY 360XIntroduction to Social Work3
or PSY 400 Therapeutic Psychology
Total Hours18

PSY 140 is a prerequisite for all 300-level PSY courses.

Health Psychology Emphasis

Course selections must include 26 hours from the Psychology required courses, and the following 25-29 required hours of the emphasis.

The Health Psychology Emphasis (HPE) has been created for Psychology majors who wish to gain foundational knowledge and skills to utilize psychological principles in the assistance of a variety of persons to enhance their health as well as their compliance with strategies for healthier life choices.

Required Courses
HPW 180Introduction to Health and Wellness3
PSY 140Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 372Cognitive Behavioral Psychology3
PSY 374Physiological Psychology3
BIO 140Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology4-8
or BIO 340
BIO 341
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II
HS 201Physiology of Exercise3
or HS 202 Nutrition
Select two of the following:6
Sport and Wellness Psychology
Human Sexuality
Contemporary Issues Psychology
Psychology of Addiction
Suggested Courses
Theories of Learning
Internship I (Health Psychology)
Social Psychology
Total Hours25-29

Organizational Leadership Emphasis

Course selections must include 26 hours from the Psychology required courses, and the following 18 required hours of the emphasis.

The Organizational Leadership Emphasis (OLE) is an emphasis within the Psychology Major that has been created for qualified students who seek to grow in the servant leadership of others across broad contexts.

With a dual emphasis on both theory and practice the OLE gives students an opportunity to develop and refine their philosophy of leadership as well as test it in the real world. Students are prepared for an organizational leadership practicum by gaining exposure to a variety of courses that systematically prepare them to be successful as Servant Leaders.

The Leadership Minor (LM - 24 hours) is open to any student who wishes to go beyond the Organizational Leadership Emphasis (OLE) and must choose either the OLE in the Psychology major or choose the Leadership Minor (see details in the catalog), but not both.

Psychology courses (PSY prefix) used in the Leadership Minor count directly towards the requirements for the Psychology Major.

Introduction to Leadership (choose one option):3
Leadership Dynamics
Emerging Leadership I
and Emerging Leadership II
Required Courses
PSY 220Interpersonal Skills Training3
PSY 378XServant Leadership3
PSY 420XAdvanced Interpersonal Skills Training3
Elective (choose one):3
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Psychology
Management of Change
Group and Organizational Communication
Organizational Psychology
Conflict Management
Leadership Practicum (choose one):3
Leadership Dynamics Practicum
Combination of LR 220, LR 420, LR 440
Total Hours18