The Christian ministry major with the broad field emphasis maintains a full ministry scope for the person who desires to prepare for an effective ministry of discipleship across many fields or a more “customized” approach to fit the direction of the student.

CM 201Survey of Christian Education3
CM 260Introduction to Intercultural Ministry3
Integrated Field Experience
CM 224Integrated Field Experience - Spiritual Formation3
CM 225Integrated Field Experience - Small Group Ministry3
CM 324Integrated Field Experience: Discipleship3
CM 325Integrated Field Experience - Ministry Methods3
Specific Ministry Strategies
Select three of the following:9
Foundations of Youth Ministry
Foundations of Children's Ministry
Principles of Family Ministry
Principles of Adult Ministry
Finishing Courses
CM 320Principles of Ministry Programming3
CM 342Relational Skills for Ministry3
CM 480Christian Ministries Integrative Seminar1
CM 420Ministry Leadership2
CM 475Senior Seminar2-3
Biblical Studies Required Coursework
BI 275Teaching the Bible3
BRS 331Christian Doctrine3
BRS 338Theological and Sociological Foundations of Evangelism3
BRS 340XHistory of Christianity3
Total Hours50-51