The Christian Ministry major, pre-seminary emphasis, maintains the broad ministry scope and access to ministry education while allowing for a specialization in a distinctive area of ministry.  The pre-seminary (pastoral preparation) specialization lays a foundation for an effective ministry of leadership, preaching and shepherding in the context of a local church ministry.  It is designed to enable a student to do further graduate studies at a seminary of their choice.  It particularly has in view the Advanced Placement MDiv of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.


CM 201Survey of Christian Education3
CM 260Introduction to Intercultural Ministry3
GR 201
GR 202
Elementary Greek
and Elementary Greek
Integrated Field Experience
CM 224Integrated Field Experience - Spiritual Formation3
IFE Elective
Select one of the following:3
Integrated Field Experience - Small Group Ministry
Integrated Field Experience: Discipleship
Integrated Field Experience - Ministry Methods
Pastoral Relationships
CM 342Relational Skills for Ministry3
CM 381Introduction to Preaching3
CM 372XNonprofit Management3
or PSY 305 Organizational Psychology
Specific Ministry Strategies
Select one of the following:3
Foundations of Youth Ministry
Foundations of Children's Ministry
Principles of Family Ministry
Principles of Adult Ministry
Finishing Courses
CM 320Principles of Ministry Programming3
CM 420Ministry Leadership2
CM 475Senior Seminar2
CM 480Christian Ministries Integrative Seminar1
Required Biblical Studies Coursework
BI 275Teaching the Bible3
BRS 331Christian Doctrine3
BRS 338Theological and Sociological Foundations of Evangelism3
BRS 340XHistory of Christianity3
Total Hours52

Advanced Placement Courses

(In addition to the Pre-Seminary emphasis, a student will need 12 additional hours—some can meet general education requirements—to qualify for TEDS Advanced Placement MDiv program.)

BRS 330Christian Evidences3
BRS/PH 363XSurvey of Religious Diversity3
PH 182Ethics3
Theology Elective3-6
Cross-Cultural Experience
Total Hours12-15


COM 112Speech3
PSY 220Interpersonal Skills Training3
PSY 355Group Dynamics3
SOC 360XIntroduction to Social Work3
Total Hours12