Formal Student Complaint Policy

Trinity College, as part of Trinity International University, in accordance with the Federal Compliance Policy, keeps a record of formal student complaints. Formal complaints should be addressed in writing (dated and signed) to the dean’s office. If unresolved, the student may choose to submit the formal complaint to the Academic Council of Divisions, the provost, or the president. Upon first receipt of the formal complaint, the person to whom it is addressed will initiate the Student Complaint Tracking Form, which records the nature of the complaint, the steps taken by the institution to resolve the complaint, the institution's final decision regarding the complaint, and any other (external) action initiated by the student to resolve the complaint. Information regarding student complaints is accessible to members of the Higher Learning Commission evaluation team. The university will protect students’ privacy by removing their names from files before submission to an outside team (unless they have given express permission for use of their names).