The Biblical Studies major is designed to prepare students to interpret the Bible accurately and to apply the Bible wisely in a wide variety of settings. The major prepares students for graduate study at a seminary or university, for positions of leadership in the church, or for a variety of other ministry positions at home or abroad.

This program is a cohort-based, 124-hour degree program designed to serve adult and non-traditional student populations.

Core Requirements
BI 210Biblical Interpretation3
BI 275Teaching the Bible3
BI 302Pentateuch3
BI 304Old Testament Prophetic Books3
BI 306Old Testament Poetic Books3
BI 308Old Testament Historical Books3
BI 312Life of Christ3
BI 335Theology of the General Epistles3
BI 336Theology of the Pauline Epistles3
BI 430The Book of Acts3
Choose three of the following courses:9
Biblical Theology
History of Christianity
Theology: Prolegomena, Scripture, Theology Proper
Theology: Christ, Humanity, Sin, Salvation
Theology: Holy Spirit, Church, Last Things
Choose three of the following courses:9
Theology and Practice of Pastoral Ministry
Theology and Practice of Evangelism
Foundations of Christian Counseling
Theology and Practice of Discipleship
Theology and Practice of Leadership
Introduction to Apologetics
Christian Evidences
Total Hours48