Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts will be able to:

  • explain and analyze historical events from various time periods
  • explain and analyze philosophical concepts
  • explain and analyze works of art
  • analyze and critique selections of music from various time periods
  • analyze the lives of key biblical figures and explain the redemptive storyline of the Bible
  • explain and analyze scientific concepts
  • analyze and utilize mathematical concepts
  • explain and analyze social scientific concepts
  • analyze various disciplines using a Christian worldview
  • demonstrate competency in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and collaboration

Students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours in each of the following areas:

History, Philosophy, Art, and Music9
English and Communication9
Biblical and Religious Studies9
Science and Mathematics9
Social Sciences9
Total Hours45

Students must take a minimum of 6 upper-level credit hours (i.e., 300-level or above) in at least four of the five areas, with a total of at least 30 credit hours being upper level.