Off-Campus Study Programs

Students must apply and receive permission from the Associate Dean of the College to enroll in off-campus special study programs. Such programs are intended for junior or senior level students. The administration reserves the right to limit the number of students in off-campus programs in any given semester.

Students planning to complete any of the following programs should register using the Temporary Registration course, TR 099C (15 hours), in the appropriate semester. Upon completion of the off-campus program, the student must request that an official transcript be sent to the Trinity University Records Office from the school at which they completed their off-campus coursework.

Upon receipt of the official transcript, Records will remove the TR 099C, Temporary Registration from the student’s schedule. The appropriate Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) number and course designation (listed below) will be used to post the student’s off-campus semester courses on the Trinity transcript. Each completed course title will be posted under the IDS program description, and course grades with the GPA calculation will also be posted.

Special Off-Campus Study Program Course Designations

IDS 320American Studies Program (Washington, D.C.)1-10
IDS 321Au Sable Inst of Environmental Studies (multiple locations)1-10
IDS 322China Studies Program1-10
IDS 323Christian Center for Urban Studies (Chicago, IL)1-10
IDS 324Contemporary Music Center (Nashville, TN)1-10
IDS 325Daystar University (Kenya)1-10
IDS 326Focus on the Family Institute (Colorado Springs, CO)1-10
IDS 327Jerusalem University College (Israel)1-10
IDS 328Latin American Studies Program (Costa Rica)1-10
IDS 329Los Angeles Film Studies Center1-10
IDS 330Middle East Studies Program (Egypt)1-10
IDS 332Scholars' Semester in Oxford Program (England)1-10
IDS 333Approved Special Program
IDS 334Uganda Studies Program1-10
IDS 335Australia Studies Center1-10
IDS 336Washington Journalism Center1-10
IDS 337India Studies Program1-10
IDS 338Ambex Program1-10
IDS 351Consortium Student Visitor Program Asbury1-10
IDS 352Consortium Student Visitor Program Bethel1-10
IDS 353Consortium Student Visitor Program George Fox1-10
IDS 354Consortium Student Visitor Program Gordon1-10
IDS 355Consortium Student Visitor Program Greenville1-10
IDS 356Consortium Student Visitor Program Houghton1-10
IDS 357Consortium Student Visitor Program Malone1-10
IDS 358Consortium Student Visitor Program Messiah1-10
IDS 359Consortium Student Visitor Program Seattle Pacific1-10
IDS 360Consortium Student Visitor Program Taylor1-10
IDS 361Consortium Student Visitor Program Westmont1-10
IDS 362Consortium Student Visitor Program Wheaton1-10