Special Programs: Off Campus

WIsconsin Inmate Education Initiative

The Wisconsin Inmate Education Initiative's Biblical Studies major prepares students to interpret the Bible accurately and to apply the Bible wisely in a wide variety of settings. The major prepares inmates for ministry to fellow inmates, positions of leadership in the church, or for a variety of other ministry positions at home or abroad.

This program is a cohort-based, 120-hour degree program that serves an adult non-traditional student population at the a correctional institution in Wisconsin.  Presently, the program is housed at the Waupun Correctional Institution.

Program Outcomes

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies will be able to:

  • Identify the basic elements of Christian ethics, exhibit Christian maturity and professionalism (integrity, responsibility, etc.), and be able to describe their responsibilities in the context of ministry (biblical living).  
  • Analyze biblical texts in their historical, grammatical, and theological context and interpret the Scriptures accurately by applying linguistic, historical, theological, and philosophical methods (biblical interpretation).
  • Develop a Christian worldview that describes how biblical truths apply to contemporary settings in order to be culturally relevant (biblical application).
  • Explain the major doctrines of Christianity and articulate his or her own theological convictions by integrating scriptural interpretation, biblical philosophy, and critical thinking (theological integration).​

Students in this special program will be required to complete the college's general education and global requirements, with these specifications and exceptions:

  • IDS 105 Foundations for Adult Learning in lieu of IDS 180 One Mission, Many Stories
  • BI 290 Interpreting and Teaching the Bible is taken as presentation-intensive general education course.
  • PSY 140 introduction to Psychology and PSY 255 Psychology of Addiction are to be taken within the general education core.
  • Service learning requirement is waived. 
  • World language is not required.
Major Requirements
BI 290Interpreting and Teaching the Bible 13
BI 301Old Testament Pentateuch and Former Prophets3
BI 303Old Testament Latter Prophets3
BI 307Old Testament Writings3
BI 331New Testament Synoptic Gospels and Acts3
BI 333New Testament Pauline Epistles3
BI 337New Testament General Epistles2
BI 339New Testament Johannine Literature2
BI 350Topics in the Bible1
BRS 305Theology I: The God of the Gospel3
BRS 306Theology II: The Gospel of God3
BRS 338Theological and Sociological Foundations of Evangelism3
BRS 340XHistory of Christianity3
BRS 400Bible and Ministry Senior Seminar3
CM 172Introduction to Ministry3
CM 181Spiritual Formation3
CM 260Introduction to Intercultural Ministry3
CM 331Theology and Practice of Discipleship3
Total Hours47

Students in the Waupun program also complete a minor in psychology as part of the cohort program by taking the following courses:

Psychology Minor
PSY 140Introduction to Psychology 23
PSY 220Interpersonal Skills Training3
PSY 255Psychology of Addiction 23
PSY 300Personality Theories3
PSY 356Conflict Management3
PSY 375XFoundations of Christian Counseling3
PSY 381Counseling Theories3
PSY 382Crisis Counseling3
PSY 383Marital Counseling3
PSY 384Parent Education3
Total Hours24

 The 3 units for BI 290 are counted in the General Education totals, so they are omitted from the total hours for the Biblical Studies Major


The 6 units for PSY 140 and PSY 255 are counted in the General Education totals, so they are omitted from the total hours for the psychology minor.