Trinity College, the undergraduate school of Trinity International University, is a great place for you to continue to develop into the person God wants you to be.  

In your undergraduate education at Trinity, you will take courses that help you understand the content of the Bible and grow in your Christian faith. As you complete your foundational courses in what we call general education, you will study across the broad fields of human knowledge including the humanities, natural sciences, and human relationships (social sciences); develop your cultural and global perspectives; and build foundations for lifelong health and wellbeing.

As you focus on a specific field or major, which some students do as early as freshman year but all need to decide no later than the start of the junior year, you gain personal and professional competence in the discipline through courses taught by professors, not teaching assistants. You will get to know your professors personally in classes that are small enough to foster personal relationships as well as through office hours visits and even meals together in Hawkins Dining Hall. All majors include a professional experience where you will learn while doing in an internship or similar experience in your field. 

Most importantly, a Christian perspective is infused in all your courses to help you learn to think critically and biblically in all areas of life. 

This catalog details the specifics of your Trinity education, so you’ll want to read it carefully. Though faculty advisors and others will support you along the way, you will want to explore the catalog yourself to understand the opportunities and expectations of your Trinity education. 

Are you ready to get started? We’re glad you’re here and are eager to walk with you as develop personally and professionally through your Trinity College education.


Karen A. Wrobbel, EdD
Dean of Trinity College and Graduate School