• Home Page:   Added a volume #, publication date, and effective date for the catalog.  (5/23/2016)
  • Locations Page:  Added a map of the Deerfield campus specifying each building. Added Florida office hours and site description.  (5/23/2016).   Added the Kendall location to the Florida section.  (2/1/2017)
  • Refund Page (Florida):   Added the first paragraph that describes the State of Florida's requirements.  Also added "Credit Balances on Student Accounts" section (5/23/2016).   Made additional changes to the Florida Refund page for compliance (8/22/2016).   The previous refund content may be found here.
  • Academic Calendar:   Added Florida dates to the calendar.  (5/23/2016, again modified on 7/1/2016)
  • Courses:   Added a paragraph to describe the course numbering.  (This will not appear in the printable PDF for the entire catalog).  (5/23/2016)
  • Campus Services:  Included the locations of the various services available.  Amended the Career Services section to differentiate Florida services from Deerfield Services.  (5/23/2016)
  • University Calendar:   Updated the dates for TC and TEDS International New Student Orientation. (6/28/2016)
  • General Academic Information:  Added a General Academic Information page to include Course Numbering System, Grading, and other information common to all schools, programs, and locations.
  • Finances/Tuition and Other Expenses Page:   Added Clinical Practice (Student Teaching) Fee of $300.  (09/06/2016).   The fee was also added to the following course descriptions:  ED 401, ED 413, ED 440.  A similar fee was added to the TEDS/TGS tab.   The fee was added to ED 7450 and ED 7455 course descriptions.  Added TC May Term fe4 of $405 per credit hour (02/06/2017)

State Agencies

  • State Agencies Page:  Added a section for "Other States" to include the State of North Carolina's approval for teaching the TC BA in Christian Studies and the TEDS Certificate in Christian Studies in an online format.  (5/2/2016).   Included "Approval to provide online education in other states" section.  (5/6/2016)

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

  • MA Residency and Program Duration:   Changed the number of online distance courses that can be taken in a program is limited by course availability and the requirement that students must complete the prescribed Residency Requirement.   Previously, five courses was the maximum number of online courses allowed for a TEDS program. 

Trinity Graduate School

Trinity College

  • Interdisciplinary Studies Page:    Removed Social Science Minor and inserted Sociology Minor from the list. (4/27/2016)
  • Academic Integrity Page:  (Formerly the Academic Dishonesty page).   The content was revised to reflect the approved changes of the 3/31/2016 proposal submitted by the Scholastic Standards Committee to the Faculty Assembly.  (5/23/2016)
  • Advance Standing Page:   Added information regarding Prior Learning Assessment and VA Student Credit.  (5/23/2016)
  • REACH Adult Education Page:   Added a tab to describe Prior Learning Assessment.  (5/23/2016)
  • Education Course Corrections:  
  • Transfer Credit Policy:   Added a bullet point at the end relating transfer of credits to other institutions.  (5/24/2016)  More clearly specified differences between the policy for traditional students and adult undergraduates.  (6/3/2016)
  • PCS 105 Course Description:   Changed the requirement minimum ACT English score to 18 (from 17).   This was a typographical error in the description.

Trinity Law School


  • MA / TS:  Added the recommended minimum requirement for the MAT and GRE exams.
  • TGS Admissions & TEDS Admissions:  Updated admissions application to $40 to reflect policy and to be consistent throughout the catalog.  Included a $100 refundable tuition deposit.
  • Changed the Primary Location to the Miramar address. (10/19/2016)