TEDS offers a number of accredited degree programs to enable Christians to pursue God’s calling for their lives of ministry. Each program, or group of programs, has specific objectives, and the student should consider these when selecting a program to pursue. The TEDS Program available at the Florida Regional Center is briefly outlined below. (Note that admission to a particular program at TEDS does not ensure admission to another, if a student should decide to switch programs. Consult an admissions counselor for guidance on the appropriate program to make application.)

Master of Arts Program

The Master of Arts (MA) is considered an academic degree in general theological studies designed to provide a basic understanding of particular theological disciplines for further graduate study or for general educational purposes. It is designed on a two-year model for program completion, dependent upon prerequisites completed. Often the MA is a prerequisite degree for enrolling in a public university-based terminal degree or doctoral program, though this is not always the case. Many universities accept students into a master’s/doctoral program track that will award the student a master’s degree while admitting them later to a doctoral program. Students anticipating future terminal degree work are advised to consult with the institution where they anticipate undertaking doctoral studies to ensure that their graduate-level preparation will be appropriate for doctoral admission. Often such students may be required to devote the capstone project in their master’s program to the writing of a thesis that demonstrates ability to do academic research.

Visiting Faculty for the Master’s Degree Program

Regular Deerfield-based faculty, plus Trinity-approved adjunct extension faculty regularly teach courses. These faculty members include the following:

  • Steven Roy, PhD
  • Phil Sell, PhD
  • Dana Harris, PhD
  • Peter Cha, PhD
  • John Monson, PhD
  • Jared Alcantara, PhD
  • Joshua Jipp, PhD
  • David Luy, PhD

Affiliated Programs

Trinity offers graduate courses in conjunction with several ministry organizations that are applicable to a TEDS graduate degree. These special courses are offered at times and places specific to the ministry. For a current complete listing, contact TEDS at 800.588.7705 or 847.317.6550.


Graduate courses are available through the School of Leadership in Fort Collins, Colorado. These courses are designed for Cru staff but are also available for enrollment by others. For further information, call Keith Johnson at 919.401.6398 or e-mail Keith.Johnson@uscm.org.

The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Graduate-level and Doctor of Ministry courses are offered in conjunction with conferences and institutes of the Center each summer in Deerfield and at other locations during the year. For information, call 888.246.3844 or 847.317.8180.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Graduate courses are offered in conjunction with year-round staff training programs and intensive summer training events in Madison, Wisconsin. They are available only for InterVarsity staff. For information, call Judy Johnson of InterVarsity at 608.443.3708 .


ME 5050 is offered at locations around the United States in conjunction with the Perspectives Study Program of the U.S. Center for World Mission. For information, call Perspectives at 626.398.2125.

Young Life

Graduate courses are offered in conjunction with Young Life year-round staff training programs. They are available only for Youth for Christ staff. For information, call Ken Knipp of Young Life at 719.381.1999.

Occasional Courses

Throughout the calendar year, TEDS offers graduate credit courses throughout North American at a variety of sites linked with special events or anticipated future program sites. These often include conference settings in such venues as the Urbana Conference, The Spiritual Formation Forum, Xenos Summer Institute, and others such as those affiliates listed above. Contact the Office of Extension and Affiliated Education at 800.588.7705 or 847.317.6550 for current information.

TEDS Online - Distance Education

Fully Online Distance Education Courses

Fully Online Distance Education courses provide a virtual classroom experience, while allowing students to fit their studies around their own schedule. Students watch lectures and complete assignments on a weekly basis, interacting with other students and the instructor to deepen their understanding of the subject. Courses follow the same semester schedule as courses offered at the TEDS Deerfield campus including registration, adds/drops, and withdrawal.

Further information regarding Fully-Online Distance Education Courses may be obtained from the TEDS Online Office: TEDSOnline@tiu.edu, 800.588.7705 or 847.317.6554, or Florida Regional Center students should register through the coordinator for the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program. Please call 954.382.6400 and ask for the program coordinator.

Course registration is for a given semester. All Fully-Online Distance Education courses are tied to the regular semester schedule.

The TEDS Online Office anticipates offering the following courses on a rotating basis, with new courses being added as they are available. Please consult the TEDS course schedule on MyTIU for the list of courses available in a given semester. Please consult the Course Descriptions section of the catalog for a description of each course.

EM 5210Christian Leadership and Administration2-3
HM 5000Theology and Methodology of Biblical Preaching2-3
NT 4030Beginning Greek I (undergraduate credit only)4
NT 4031Beginning Greek II (undergraduate credit only)4
NT 5000Intro to the New Testament4
OT 5000Intro to the Old Testament,Introduction to the Old Testament4
PT 5000Personal Assessment and Introduction to Ministry1
PT 7280Christian Worship2-3
ST 5101Theology I: Intro to Theology3
ST 5102Theology II: Christ, Man, Sin & Salvation3
ST 5103Theology III: Holy Spirit, Church, Last Things3