TLS is a dynamic and growing academic community committed to the reformation of the legal thought and practice throughout the world. In Isaiah 58, God made it clear that He wants us to loose the chains of injustice and set the oppressed free. At Trinity, we equip students to do and seek justice. We seek to provide a quality legal education that fully integrates a Biblical Christian worldview with a deep practical understanding of the law.

At Trinity, you will not just learn how to think like a lawyer. Instead, you will learn how all law should be founded upon and in harmony with God’s law. Your classes will discuss not only defending clients but defending the faith. You will learn about not only the law and public policy dominant in the United States today, but arguments for championing Godly laws and public policies for the future. You will come to understand not merely the rights and interests demanded by men and women in our culture, but the eternal and inalienable rights flowing from God’s creation of mankind in His image.

Trinity Law School also has many other advantages. We have a faculty of experienced professors who are fully committed to the Lord in their own lives. We have a low faculty to student ratio that allows for far more personalized instruction than you would receive at many others law schools. TLS has also been blessed with an extraordinarily collegial environment in which students, faculty and staff work together, pray together, and serve together for the glory of God and His kingdom.

Thank you again for considering Trinity Law School.

Very truly yours,

Myron Steeves,