The English major is designed to prepare students for graduate work in English, law, library science, and careers requiring strong background in the liberal arts. The major provides a general focus with opportunity to select courses reflecting particular student interests.

Requirements total 43 hours. Up to 6 hours required in the major may be used to meet general education requirements.

Required Courses

Theory Course
ENG 230Survey of Contemporary Critical Theory3
Genre Courses
ENG 220Studies in Poetry3
ENG 222Studies in Fiction3
ENG 224Studies in Drama3
Required Period Courses
ENG 306Renaissance Literature3
ENG 310Romantic Literature3
Period and Author Courses
Select one of the American literature courses, plus 15 additional hours:18
Classical Literature
Modern British Literature
Russian Literature
American Literature I: Puritanism Through Transcendentalism
American Literature II: Civil War Through Depression
Topics in Literature
Advanced Major Course
ENG 420Capstone Seminar in the British Novel3
Skill Course
Select one of the following:3
Business Communication
Writing for the Media I
Creative Writing
Professional Experience
ENG 444Professional Experience 11-4
Total Hours43-46

1 hrs minimum