Exercise Science is the study of physiological and functional adaptations to movement. The Exercise Science Major is a science-oriented curriculum that prepares students for graduate studies in exercise science and for graduate-level education in occupational therapy and related health fields. In addition, graduates would be prepared to pursue careers as cardiac technicians, individual and group exercise prescription specialists and home health-care workers. The program requires and recommends coursework in health sciences as well as anatomy, chemistry, physics, statistics, physiology, and psychology, leading up to a practical hands-on internship experience.

Health Science Courses
HS 161Medical Terminology1
HS 162Introduction to Health Sciences1
HS 201XPhysiology of Exercise3
HS 165XResponding to Emergencies and Sport Safety Training3
HS 202XNutrition3
HPW 228XSport and Wellness Psychology3
HS 351XBiomechanics3
HS 380Advanced Functional Anatomy3
HS 446Field Internship3
HS 490Seminar in Exercise Science1
BIO 111General Biology 14
BIO 340Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 341Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
CH 103Introduction to Chemistry 14
CH 203Essentials of Organic Biochemistry4
MA 285XStatistics 14
BE 474XIntroduction to Bioethics3
or BE 476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute
HS 364Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise3
or HS 360 General Medical Conditions in the Physically Active
Functional Anatomy
General Physics I
General Physics II
Total Hours54

Fulfills a general education requirement