Program Enrollment Changes

Subsequent to admission, a student may desire, or find it necessary, to defer enrollment, apply for readmission, change their program, or transfer to another school in Trinity International University.

Deferring Enrollment

Master’s students may defer enrollment for up to two years from the semester to which they originally applied. Longer deferments require submission of a complete set of new application materials. A Reactivation Application may also be necessary.

If deferment is necessary, notify the Admissions Office, which will advise the applicant of any special instructions. Applicants are also responsible for contacting the Housing Office and the Office of Student Financial Services, if necessary. The student’s required program of studies is governed by the catalog current at the time of enrollment.

Application for Readmission/Reactivation

A Reactivation Application is necessary when a student

  • Is admitted but defers admission from the original date of intended matriculation
  • Officially or unofficially withdraws
  • If more than two years lapse after the original acceptance, withdrawal, or completion of the first program, the applicant will be required to submit a complete set of new application materials. Students who are readmitted are subject to the program requirements of the catalog current at the time they re-enroll.

Active and Inactive Student Status

Students who desire not to register for classes for a period of one to three semesters (twelve months) should request a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the Student Life Office (see “Leave of Absence Policy” in this Catalog). This apprises Trinity of student program plans, and enables appropriate services to be provided. If a student desires to leave TEDS, a Withdrawal must be completed through the Student Life Office (see “Withdrawal” in this Catalog).

If a LOA or Withdrawal has not been completed by students, and students do not register and successfully complete coursework each consecutive semester (fall, spring; summer is exempt), their status is rendered inactive (e.g., active students must register for at least one course each semester). Inactive students must reapply to TEDS with no guarantee of readmission.


Change of Program (COP)

If after initial enrollment the student wishes to be admitted to a different program, the following apply:

  • All possible options should be considered in consultation with a faculty member, Enrollment Counselor, Program Director or Dean, and/or Records Office representative in light of coursework already completed.
  • Admission to one TEDS/TGS program does not guarantee admission to another program. All admission requirements for the new program must be met.
  • At least one semester of TEDS/TGS course work must be completed before a COP application will be considered, together with the review of that semester’s grades. No more than one change of program will be permitted within a single semester.
  • The online COP application should be submitted by the following dates: January 15 for the spring semester and September 1 for the fall semester. Changes requested after those dates may be recognized in the next academic term.
  • The catalog current at the time of admission to the degree program, not the catalog in effect at the time of original enrollment, will govern the student’s new program.
  • If COP is denied, applicants may submit a written appeal within thirty days to the Director of Admissions.

Interschool Transfer

Contact the Admissions Office for detailed information about transferring from one school to another within Trinity International University (e.g., transferring from the Divinity School to the Graduate School).

Concluding Remarks

If you need further information or have any questions concerning any part of the application process, please feel free to call the Admissions Office at 800.345.TEDS or 847.317.8000. You also may e-mail us at or visit our website.  We reserve the right to request from any applicant to the divinity school additional materials or an interview with a representative of Trinity.