Academic Support

Although final responsibility for meeting degree requirements rests with the individual student, academic support and assistance is available to all students. The Academic Support Department advises students of law school expectations and provides strategic resources to equip students for success in school and on the California Bar Exam.

New students will enjoy the benefits of a highly coordinated program of fundamental skills such as case briefing, outlining, and exam preparation, all of which help students become fully prepared for their law school exams. For Juris Doctor students in their second year and higher, we offer On Course, a program designed to prepare students for every subject area and testing method of the bar exam.

The Trinity Law School On Course program is an academic support program designed to ensure that 100% of Trinity students get the best value from their education by mastering the skills needed for success and equipping all students to take the California Bar Exam.

Students will be introduced to Academic Support and On Course during New Student Orientation.

Library and Information Center

Trinity Law School Library is compliant with all hard copy, electronic contents, and access requirements set forth in in the Guidelines for Accredited Law School Rules. The Library includes a physical library containing primary sources of federal and California law as well as a broad range of secondary resources in order to serve the teaching, research, and other goals of Trinity Law School. Students may access these resources during business hours but may not check them out. The Trinity Law School Library also subscribes to various databases to provide students with access to essential legal research tools. These databases include, but are not limited to: the Thomson Reuters Westlaw, HeinOnline, LexisNexis, CEB OnLaw, Columbia International Affairs Online, and the Library of Law and Liberty. Students are provided access and instructions in the student orientation materials.

The Library also provides several terminals and multifunction printers where students and alumni may utilize the devices to conduct their legal studies. Students and alumni are permitted to wirelessly print, scan, and make copies free of charge.  

Instructional Facilities

Each classroom at Trinity Law School is provisioned with a variety of technology tools to help support teaching and learning, including document cameras, data projectors, media players, and classroom controls.

Student Housing

Trinity Law School does not have dormitory facilities under its control.  A list of local apartments within two miles is available upon request.  No further placement assistance is provided by Trinity Law School. The median monthly rental cost for a single bedroom rental within two miles of the school is $1,920.