Requirements total 18 hours. This includes 12 hours of required courses and 6 hours of bioethics courses taken either at Trinity College or Trinity Graduate School. Students may also earn bioethics credit by enrolling in the institutes and/or wrap-around courses offered in connection with The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity summer conference on Trinity's campus. Six of the required hours may meet general education requirements.

Required Courses 1
BE 474XIntroduction to Bioethics 2 May be used to fulfill a general education requirement3
or BE 476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute
BE 475XTopics in Bioethics 23
or BE 477X Undergraduate National Conference
BE 478Research Ethics 13
PH 180Introduction to Philosophy May be used to fulfill a general education requirement.3
Elective Courses 3
Select 6 hours of the following: 26
The Clinical Context (To be taken with BE 5300)
Clinical Issues in Bioethics (BE 5299 must be taken with BE 5300.)
The Public Policy Context (To be taken with BE 5500)
Bioethics and Public Policy (BE 5499 must be taken with BE 5500.)
Bioethics Colloquium
Readings in Bioethics
Personhood in Theological & Philosophical Perspective
Bioethics Seminar
Total Hours18