The English major is designed to prepare students for graduate work in English, law, library science, and careers requiring strong background in the liberals arts.  The major provides a general focus with opportunity to select courses reflecting particular student interests.  

The English major is built around a humanities core shared with history and philosophy.  Our humanities core introduces students to the sweep of the Western intellectual, social, and cultural tradition, including its specifically Christian heritage.  These courses are taught by professors from all three humanities departments so students get a sample of each.

Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English will be able to:

  • describe formal features of the genres of poetry, fiction, and drama
  • demonstrate thematic and historical knowledge of Anglophone literature
  • adequately research a critical problem and document their sources
  • accurately describe the work of literary scholars, apply their methods, and reflect on these methods in the light of Christian theology
  • craft scholarly arguments, i.e., support a main claim with evidence, including analysis, and with respect to a larger context or conversation
  • demonstrate rhetorical and academic learning through critical self-reflection
  • demonstrate thematic and historical knowledge of Western culture

Required Courses

Requirements total 42 hours.  This includes 30 hours of English courses and 12 hours in the humanities core.  Up to six hours required in the major may be used to meet general education requirements. All courses are three credits unless otherwise specified.

Humanities Core 12
The Western Heritage I: From Antiquity to the Reformation
The Western Heritage II: From the Scientific Revolution to the Twentieth Century
Literary Classics of the Western World
Humanities Capstone
English Wrap-Around Core
Foundational Courses9
Studies in Poetry May be used to fulfill a general education requirement
Studies in Fiction May be used to fulfill a general education requirement
Studies in Drama May be used to fulfill a general education requirement
Skill Course 3
Business Communication
Advanced Courses18
Choose five from the following:
Renaissance Literature
Romantic Literature
American Literature I: Puritanism Through Transcendentalism
American Literature II: Civil War Through Depression
Topics in Literature
History and Structure of the English Language
Capstone Seminar in the British Novel May be used to fulfill a general education requirement
Contemporary Theory
Professional Experience
Professional Experience
Total Hours42