The Computer Science Major is designed to prepare students for a career in software development. Requirements total 46-51 hours. Up to 4 hours count for general education requirements.

Program Outcomes:

Students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science will be able to:

  • demonstrate the ability to analyze a computer-related problem and design, implement, and evaluate a solution
  • communicate effectively technology-related ideas in writing and orally with clarity and organization
  • work together effectively as a team
  • integrate computer science with the Christian faith
Required Courses
CS 120Computer Programming I3
CS 170Computer Operating Systems4
CS 220Computer Programming II3
CS 240Discrete Mathematics3
CS 260Computer Networking3
CS 310Database Management Systems3
CS 320Data Structures3
CS 330Web Programming3
CS 340Programming Languages3
CS 410Systems Analysis and Design3
CS 420Software Engineering3
CS 445Internship1-6
CS 490Computer Ethics3
Supporting Courses
MA 121Calculus and Analytic Geometry I4
MA 285XStatistics4
or MA 321 Mathematical Statistics I
Total Hours46-51