The Philosophy major is designed to help students to listen carefully, think deeply, and present compellingly as they prepare for graduate studies in philosophy (leading to teaching careers in philosophy and related fields), in law (leading to careers associated with the legal profession), and in seminary (leading to ministry in the church both here and abroad); and to provide the best possible integrated liberal arts education (leading almost anywhere).

Program Outcomes:

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy will be able to:

  • demonstrate a broad general understanding of the work of major figures in the history of philosophy, including Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, and Kant
  • demonstrate familiarity with the most important topics in a range of areas at the center of contemporary philosophical thought, including metaphysics, epistemology, ontology, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of language
  • demonstrate familiarity with various ethical systems and how to apply them
  • demonstrate familiarity with the field of logic, both formal and informal, and how to solve logical problems and proofs based on these forms of logic
  • think analytically, creatively, and Christianly about philosophical texts and issues
  • express philosophical ideas and defend them effectively in argument, both in writing and orally
  • acquire the confidence, self-awareness, and preparation for students going to graduate school in philosophy, law school, seminary, or any area of life or the humanities

Requirements total 31 hours. These include 16 core hours of Philosophy courses and 15 hours from elective courses. Additionally, students may complete up to two specializations of 12 hours each chosen from among their elective hours. 

PH 170Logic3
PH 180Introduction to Philosophy3
PH 381History of Western Thought I3
PH 382History of Western Thought II3
PH 499Fall Senior Seminar1
PH 431Contemporary Philosophy3
or PH 432 Problems in Philosophy
15 hours of elective courses are required of all Philosophy majors (including 9 hours specifically designated as PH courses). Non-Philosophy electives can be chosen from any of the courses listed below in “Specializations.” 115
Total Hours31


Philosophy majors may achieve a specialization designation in Apologetics, Ethics, or Philosophy of Religion by taking 12 hours in that specific area. No specialization is required and no more than two specializations are allowed.


PH 190Introduction to Apologetics3
Select three of the following:9
Topics in Apologetics
Contemporary Philosophy 1
Problems in Philosophy
Christian Evidences
Foundations for Cultural Engagement
Advanced Apologetics 2
Christian Faith and Contemporary Challenges
Foundations of Evangelism
Total Hours12


PH 182Ethics3
Select three of the following:9
Love and Friendship
Topics in Ethics
Contemporary Philosophy 1
Problems in Philosophy
Introduction to Bioethics
Topics in Bioethics
Undergraduate Bioethics Institute
Undergraduate National Conference
Seminar in Business and Management Ethics
Ethical Theory
Total Hours12

Philosophy of Religion

PH 362Philosophy of Religion3
Select three of the following:9
Topics in Philosophy of Religion
Topics for Honors Students
Contemporary Philosophy 1
Problems in Philosophy
Survey of Religious Diversity
Psychology of Religion
Any one Religious Studies (TGS), Philosophy of Religion or World Religions (TEDS) course
Total Hours12