Professors Emeriti

Emeriti professors have distinguished themselves in their service to Trinity and, as such, have been granted the honorary status of emeritus by the faculty and Board of Regents.

Harold J. Baxter
Associate Professor Emeritus of English, 1989-2009

BA, Houghton College
BD, Evangelical School of Theology
ThM, Eastern Baptist Seminary
MA, Old Dominion University
PhD, Florida State University

Jacqueline H. Bell
Associate Professor Emerita of Music, 1971-1999

BME, Wheaton College
MM, American Conservatory of Music

Gregory C. Carlson
Professor Emeritus of Christian Ministry and Leadership 

BA, Grace University (Omaha)
MACE, Biola University Talbot School of Theology
PhD, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

E. Morris Faugerstrom
Professor Emeritus of Music, 1952-1998

BM, Wheaton College
MM, PhD, Northwestern University

Lois C. Fleming
Associate Professor Emerita of English, 1986 - 2021

BA, BA HONS, MA, University of Natal
MA, Wheaton Graduate School

Steven D. Fratt
Professor Emeritus of History, 1990-2020

BA, Westmont College
MA, PhD, University of California–Santa Barbara

William E. Graddy
Professor Emeritus of English, 1973-2010

BA, MA, PhD, Southern Illinois University

Jeanette L. Hsieh
Provost Emerita, Trinity International University
Dean Emerita, Trinity College and Graduate School, 1997-2015

BA, Westmont College
MA, Wheaton College
EdD, Northern Illinois University

Dori L. Karlesky
Professor Emerita of Chemistry, 1989 - 2021

BS, Wheaton College
PhD, Texas A&M University

Carol L. Kennett
Professor Emerita of Education, 1996-2012

BA, Eastern College
MA, Immaculata College
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Carmen T. Mendoza
Associate Professor Emerita of English/Communication, 1985-2012

BA, Asbury College
MA, Northeastern Illinois University
PhD, Loyola University

William J. Moulder
Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, 1975-2020

BA, Columbia Bible College
MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
PhD, St. Andrews University

Donna Peterson
Dean Emerita, College of Arts & Sciences, 1987-1997

BA, Wheaton College
MA, University of Illinois
PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Robert W. Pirsein
Professor Emeritus of Business
Full time: 1997-2004
Adjunct: 1989-1996

BA, MA, Marquette University
PhD, Northwestern University

Steven R. Pointer
Professor Emeritus of History, 1985-2012

BA, Duke University
MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
PhD, Duke University

Angelo G. Rentas
Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology
, 1985 - 2021

BS, MS, Northern Illinois University

Paul Satre
Professor Emeritus of Music, 1996-2017

BA, Trinity College, cum laude
MMus, DMA, American Conservatory of Music​

Joyce A. Shelton 
Professor Emerita of Biology, 1988-2020

BS New Mexico State University
PhD, University of New Mexico School of Medicine 

Jana Sundene
Associate Professor Emerita of Christian Ministries, 1990-2020

BA, Wheaton College
MA, Northern Illinois University
MA, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Paul A. Twelker
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, 1984-2004
BA, San Diego State University
MA, EdD, University of California–Los Angeles

Timothy J. Voss
Associate Professor Emeritus of Human Performance and Wellness, 1990-2012

BA, Trinity College
MS, University of Illinois

Clifford E. Williams
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, 1982-2012

BA, Wheaton College
PhD, Indiana University

Peter Wright
Associate Professor Emeritus of Education, 2007-2017

BA, Trinity College
MSEd, Northern Illinois University
MSEd, National College of Education
EdD, National-Louis University