Online Program Admissions

Admissions Requirements – Online Undergraduate Programs

Trinity offers four majors completely online. These programs allow students to complete a Trinity degree with a convenient online delivery.

Admission to Trinity online programs is available to those who have met the following requirements:

Diploma / GED Have a high school diploma, verified by transcript or official GED score report
GPA Earned a cumulative minimum overall GPA of 2.0 on all prior college work (if applicable)
Demonstrated Writing Proficiency for college-level work by one of the following:
1. Prior College Course Work
  • Have earned 16 or more college credits, with a cumulative overall GPA of 2.5. (Technical credits are not considered in meeting this criterion)
  • AND Have been enrolled in college-level coursework within the most recent five years
  • AND Have completed a two-course college English composition sequence with grades of C or better in both courses.
2. Standardized Test Scores
Composite score of 19 (SAT 990) and ACT English score of 19 (SAT 330 ERW).
3. Writing Placement Test
Satisfactory score on a writing placement test.

Confirming your admission 

If you are offered admission, confirmation of your acceptance of admission is required. A nonrefundable Confirmation Fee, payable to Trinity International University, must be received to confirm your acceptance of admission and intent to register. At this time you will also confirm your course schedule. Submit the $125 enrollment deposit.