HR 5110 Introduction to Human Rights - 3 Hours

This is an introductory course surveying the concepts, terminology, and history of human rights. The theological and historical origins of the international legal instruments and institutions involved in international human rights will be explored.

HR 5610 The Theory and Law of War - 3 Hours

This course studies international legal norms applicable in time of both international and non- international armed conflict.

HR 5630 The Rights of Women, Children, and Families - 3 Hours

This course is a survey of the international instruments intended to protect women, children and families. Issues to be addressed include pertinent international instruments and principles of international law relating to gender-based discrimination; children's rights to privacy, education, and information; pornography; slavery; child soldiers; and the implications of religious liberties on the family.

HR 6420 The Philosophy and Theology of Human Rights - 3 Hours

This course focuses on the philosophical origins of human rights and the ultimate justification for such rights.