MLS 400 Human Resources Compliance - 3 Hours

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of human resource compliance and regulation and provides an overview of the skills necessary to manage human resources effectively. This course will highlight issues that might arise in human resource departments, compliance departments and benefits management departments.

MLS 410 Staffing and Compensation Adminisration - 3 Hours

Compensation and benefits management as an integrating human resource management process. Development and administration of equitable compensation and benefit programs. Job analysis and evaluation, pay structures, salary surveys, individual compensation, incentive, systems and benefits administration.

MLS 414 Employment Law - 3 Hours

A study of the law governing the employment relationship, including the establishment and termination of that relationship.

MLS 415 Labor Law - 3 Hours

This course covers problems arising from the employer-employee relationship, as affected by the common law, the federal labor relations acts, and the union contract. The course also briefly considers the union-employer relation, the employer's duty to bargaining, arbitration, and other methods of resolving labor disputes.

MLS 421 Performance Assessment - 3 Hours

This course introduces students to employee assessment methods and procedures. Topics include performance evalution systems, assessment methods, and completing and conducting an employee assessment.

MLS 430 The Human Resources Function - 3 Hours

Overview of human resource functions designed to attract, motivate, develop and retain employees. Planning, job analysis, recruitment, selection, placement, appraisal, compensation and benefit administration, training and development, communications, labor management relations and the international environment.

MLS 505 Legal Institutions and Values - 3 Hours

This course surveys foundational sources in history, philosophy, and the Bible as the basis for legal and governmental order in the United States.

MLS 521 Contracts 1 - 3 Hours

A study of the fundamentals of contract law, including the common law and selected portions of the Restatement (Second) of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code. Contracts I covers remedies, offer, acceptance, discerning the agreement, parol evidence rule, Statute of Frauds, multi-party transactions, and enforceability.

MLS 522 Contracts 2 - 3 Hours

A study of the fundamentals of contract law, including the common law and selected portions of the Restatement (Second) of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code. Contracts II covers consideration, promissory estoppel, warranties and conditions, breach, and defenses.

MLS 531 Criminal Law - 3 Hours

This course teaches students how to deal with substantive criminal law problems in both practical and policy terms. The course inquires into the proper scope and objectives of criminal law, limitations on the State's power to define criminal liability, and general principles of liability and defenses for offenses against the person and property.

MLS 541 Torts 1 - 3 Hours

This course covers the civil laws governing compensation for injury to person and property. Torts I focuses on intentional torts and defenses, negligence and defenses, wrongful death, survival, statute of limitations, immunities, and vicarious liability.

MLS 542 Torts 2 - 3 Hours

This course covers the civil laws governing compensation for injury to person and property. Torts II studies strict liability, products liability, nuisance, defamation, invasion of privacy, civil rights, misuse of legal procedure, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, business torts and familial relationships, torts in the age of statutes, and compensation systems as substitutes for tort law.

MLS 543 Economic Development/Human Trafficking - Cambodia - 3 Hours

This is an advanced course in human trafficking and economic development. Students will analyze and discuss current issues in human trafficking, focusing on sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. Students will learn the history of human trafficking, and how human trafficking is combatted in the modern world. Students will also learn about economic development in Southeast Asia, and how it is a modern way of combating human trafficking. Trinity Law School teaches this course from a Christian perspective and actively incorporates Biblical principles into the curriculum. Thus, this class/trip has three major aspects or themes to it: (1) basic concepts and laws relevant to human rights; (2) human trafficking; and (3) the role and relationship of worldviews and economic factors and development or lack thereof to human rights and human trafficking.

MLS 558 Legal Fundamentals - 3 Hours

This course provides an introduction to the legal system. Topics include the development of law, dividing civil and criminal law, a survey of the Constitution, alternative dispute resolution, the IRAC method, and the basics of jury trials.

MLS 600 Constitutional Law - 3 Hours

This course covers the powers of the federal government and selected topics regarding the relationship of the branches of the federal government to each other and to the States, as well as selected topics regarding the Bill of Rights, due process, equal protection, and the effect of the Fourteenth Amendment on the application of the Bill of Rights to the States.

MLS 660 Property - 3 Hours

This course focuses on the acquisition, disposition, and use of personal and real property. Topics include the nature of ownership and possession, bailment, adverse possession, common law classifications of estates in land, concurrent ownership, present and future interests in land, and landlord-tenant law, transfers of interests in real property, real estate contracts, legal descriptions, conveyances and deeds, recording systems, title insurance, private land-use restrictions (easements, covenants, and equitable servitudes), public land-use regulations, eminent domain, and regulatory takings.

MLS 700 Introduction to Bioethics - 3 Hours

This course is an overview of the ethical issues in health care and biotechnology that make up the field of bioethics. Biblical-theological and other prominent contemporary perspectives are developed and assessed.

MLS 702 Business Organizations - 3 Hours

This course will cover the formation of agency relationships, partnerships and corporations, the fiduciary duties of agents, directors and officers, shareholder voting, shareholder lawsuits, rules around corporate disclosures, insider trading, and corporate control transactions. Particular attention is given to the way in which corporations organize and operate. The course also examines the respective roles, relationships, and liability exposure of shareholders, directors, and officers.

MLS 710 Current Issues in Bioethics - 3 Hours

Questions such as the proper role of law in shaping people's bioethical views and practices and the current state of the law regarding a wide range of bioethical issues are addressed with the help of case discussions.

MLS 720 Classic Cases in Bioethics - 3 Hours

Many of the major issues in bioethics have been shaped by pivotal medical and legal cases. The course examines those cases in detail and uses them as a springboard for understanding the larger ethical issues that they address.

MLS 735 Readings in Bioethics - 3 Hours

Readings in bioethics from Hippocrates through the beginning of the modern bioethics period in Fletcher and Ramsey and on to the present. Readings in the earlier periods focus on the birth and development of the Hippocratic/Judeo-Christian tradition. Readings in the contemporary bioethicists place special focus on the secularization of bioethics as seen in such writers as Singer, Engelhardt, and Childress. The course may focus on either classical or contemporary readings.

MLS 750 Bioethics Seminar - 3 Hours

Topical course conducted as a seminar on a question such as autonomy and informed consent, health care systems, resource allocation, genetic intervention, or end-of-life decision making.

MLS 783 Criminal Procedure - 3 Hours

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of important issues of criminal procedure arising during the investigation and early stages of prosecution of crimes. Topics include constitutional limits on arrests and stops, search and seizure, interrogation of suspects, right to counsel, exclusionary rule, identification procedures, and the privilege against self-incrimination.

MLS 800 Wills, Trusts, and Estates - 3 Hours

This course examines rules pertaining to intestate succession, testamentary dispositions, execution, modification, and revocation of wills, testamentary capacity and will contests, interpretation of wills, protection of spouse and children, and the use of will substitutes. The creation, types, and characteristics of trusts are also examined, including coverage of the construction of trusts, trust administration, and wealth transfer taxation. Fiduciary administration issues also are considered.

MLS 850 Exempt Organizations - 3 Hours

This class surveys government regulation and oversight of nonprofit organizations by federal and state tax agencies, and addresses the attorney´┐Żs role in annual reporting requirements, managing unrelated business income, and bequests to charities. Nonprofit Law is a prerequisite for this class.

MLS 855 Religious Organizations - 3 Hours

This class addresses the unique legal issues faced by religious organizations, with an emphasis on government regulation of religious organizations, the unique legal issues faced by churches, political activism by charities, and the handling of deputized giving and foreign charitable work. Nonprofit Law is a prerequisite for this class.

MLS 861 Nonprofit Law - 3 Hours

This course is a study of nonprofit firms and the nonprofit sector. Topics include a survey of the role of nonprofits, theories and justifications of the nonprofit form, nonprofit statutes and other laws pertaining to nonprofits (e.g., the regulation of charitable solicitations), the formation, operation and dissolution of nonprofits, and tax and tax policy issues related to nonprofits.

MLS 862 Nonprofit Clinic - 3 Hours

In this clinical class, students get direct experience in providing transactional legal services for nonprofit organizations. The primary activities are advising clients on appropriate provisions for corporate bylaws, completing the policy requirements under IRS Form 990, training corporate boards regarding fiduciary responsibilities, providing services through fiscal sponsors, and incorporating nonprofits and applying for tax exempt status.

MLS 870 International Non-Government Organizations - 3 Hours

This course will explore the world of international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) by reviewing the types of, and institutional issues related to, INGOs.

MLS 892 Law & Development-Mongolia - 3 Hours

MLS 901 International Criminal Law - 3 Hours

This course examines issues in the field of international criminal law which encompass individual responsibility for conduct that is labeled as criminal under international law, nation- state responsibility for conduct that may be considered a crime under international law, and individual responsibility for conduct with international dimensions that is labeled a crime under U.S. domestic law. The course will expose students to the prosecution, trial and punishment of individuals alleged to have committed crimes considered to be among the most serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

MLS 905 The Theory and Law of War - 3 Hours

This course studies international legal norms applicable in time of both international and non- international armed conflict.

MLS 910 Right of Life and the Law - 3 Hours

This course studies the complex medical, social, legal, and ethical issues raised by topics such as abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide. The course includes a survey of Supreme Court and other judicial decisions pertaining to these issues.

MLS 913 The Rights of Women, Children, and Families - 3 Hours

This course is a survey of the international instruments intended to protect women, children and families. Issues to be addressed include pertinent international instruments and principles of international law relating to gender-based discrimination; children's rights to privacy, education, and information; pornography; slavery; child soldiers; and the implications of religious liberties on the family.

MLS 914 Law of Minorities - 3 Hours

This course surveys global and regional efforts to define minority and indigenous groups and to articulate and implement the human rights of members of ethnic, racial, religious, linguistic, national minorities, and indigenous populations. Related issues such as xenophobia, intolerance, nationalism, and racism will be addressed.

MLS 918 International Dispute Resolution - 3 Hours

This course is a hands-on study of the dispute resolution process available for dealing with human rights violations. Topics include the United Nations and regional claims procedures as well as an overview of international arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.

MLS 919 International; Human Rights Forum-Strasbourg, France - 3 Hours

Recognition and protection of human rights under international law is the subject of this unique course taught for four weeks during the month of July on the campus of the University of Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France. The course is presented in conjunction with the annual program of the International Institute of Human Rights.

MLS 923 Introduction to Human Rights - 3 Hours

This course provides an introduction to the study of human rights. Topics include human rights as a concept, the foundation of human rights, and the development of laws and institutions designed to protect human rights.

MLS 928 The Philosophy and Theology of Human Rights - 3 Hours

This course focuses on the philosophical origins of human rights and the ultimate justification for such rights.

MLS 984 Religion and the Law - 3 Hours

This is an advanced course that examines critical issues of law and religion, including the theological foundation of law and the legal foundation of theology, the relationship between church and state, religious civil liberties, religious discrimination a nd accommodation, and the principles of law and regulations relating to churches and religious organizations.

MLS 995 Genocide and the Law - 3 Hours

This course introduces students the laws governing crimes against humanity and genocide. Topics include efforts to criminalize and prosecute crimes against humanity, international courts for crimes against humanity and genocide, and specific discussions regarding such crimes in Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur, and other places.